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Dear Dragon Book Series Review (2021)

Margaret Hillert

Dear Dragon is a fantastic and adorable children’s book series by American author Margaret Hillert, in which you have more than enough books to serve as bedtime stories for quite a while.

Short and Interesting

All of the books inside are almost the same length, they are short but interesting and they offer cute and amusing stories for the younger dragon lovers. If you want to find out more about Dear Dragon book series, then be sure to check out our review.

Dear Dragon Book Series

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Photo Title Rating Length Buy
It's Halloween 8.06/10 32 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Go to Sleep 7.94/10 32 Pages Check Price On Amazon
A Friend for Dear Dragon 7.86/10 32 Pages Check Price On Amazon
It's Circus Time 7.92/10 32 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Happy Mother's Day 8.44/10 32 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
A Is for Apple 9.02/10 32 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Dear Dragon Goes to the Firehouse 7.96/10 32 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Touchdown! 8.26/10 32 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Dear Dragon's Color,123 8.24/10 32 Pages Check Price On Amazon
I Did It, Dear Dragon 7.66/10 32 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Boy and His Pet Dragon

Almost every single book of this fantasy children’s book series starts with a boy and his pet dragon as they go on many different and fun adventures together. Their friendship is something to be admired, as these two adorable characters are always by each other’s side, through thick and thin, they stick together and always have the best of times together. If you love dragons, you must read our selection of the best dragon books ever!

Huge Series

Like we mentioned before, all of the books are short, around 30 pages, and the narrative and writing style inside is perfect to read out loud to the young ones so that they can capture the full story inside with the help of their imagination. There are close to 100 books in this series, so we can give you an example of a few titles here, so that you know exactly what to expect from this exciting children’s book series.

A Few Examples

The series itself starts off with a book called It’s Halloween, Dear Dragon. This simple yet perfect story for kids involves a boy and his pet dragon just having fun outside, eating pumpkin pie, trick or treating in their amazing costumes, and flying together through the air.

Surprisingly enough, this kind of story works perfectly for children as these are things they would be extremely happy doing, and let’s not forget the fact that this boy is hanging out with an actual dragon, that’s always going to be super fun.

And There’s More

Another interesting title from Dear Dragon book series is Go To Sleep, Dear Dragon, the perfect book to make your young loved ones go to sleep, when they are feeling a bit cranky. Let’s Go, Dear Dragon is also another fascinating story from the series that talks about a boy and his pet dragon’s adventure on the fourth of July as they go to the beach, have a picnic with some delicious food, and just enjoy the cool and sparkly fireworks show.

Dear Dragon Goes To The Firehouse is also a very exciting story in the book series that takes a boy and his pet dragon on a class trip to the local firehouse, where they get to learn all of the basics and what is involved in putting out fires and protecting their city. Many more thrilling stories like this one can be found throughout this exciting and informative book series.

Tons of Holiday Titles

Another interesting thing about this book series is that this series has a title for many of the major holidays in America and the world, you get to see stories about Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Hanukkah, Earth Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and tons more.

For example, It’s Earth Day, Dear Dragon is one story in the series that talks about this boy and his pet dragon as they have fun on this great Holiday that involves taking care of their planet.

All the Activities You Can Imagine

Then there is Happy Mother’s Day, Dear Dragon, another great title in the series that talks about one of the dearest Holidays in the world, Mother’s Day. This story is sure to be a favorite among the moms out there as this story is a great way to teach the kids about motherly love.

Another exciting Holiday book in the series is Happy Easter, Dear Dragon. This story, as you can already probably guess, talks about Easter and how the boy and his pet dragon enjoy this fabulous time of year while playing with cute animals, coloring some eggs, marching in the Easter parade, going to church, and other fun Easter-related activities.

Dear Dragon Seasons

There are also a couple of books that talk about the 4 different seasons on Earth, which is such a great way for the young ones to learn about the times of the year and what special and unique traits they each hold.

It’s Fall, Dear Dragon is one of these books and inside, you get to read to your little ones the adventures of a boy and his pet dragon as they show you what kinds of activities you can be doing in the Fall Season. They meet after school and start raking leaves as they can make quite the mess in Fall, they also carve pumpkins as Halloween is in Fall, and they simply enjoy the beautiful sceneries that the Fall Season has to offer.

Wonderful Nature

Next comes It’s Spring, Dear Dragon, where children can also learn what is so special about spring, the beautiful flowers and trees start blooming and offer outstanding sceneries as well, this and many other activities about Spring Season will be shown in this book from the series.

The next book we reveal in our Dear Dragon book series review is It’s Winter, Dear Dragon, where the boy and his pet dragon get to enjoy the wonderful Winter Season as there is snow everywhere, they make snow forts, and have a lot of fun playing with snowballs with their friends. The last book of the Seasons mini-series is It’s Summer, Dear Dragon where children get to see what kind of fun a young one can have during summer as well.

Expect Fun

There are plenty of other books in this series such as ones about sports and other amazing activities and adventures that involve the boy and his baby dragon. This is our review and hopefully, you got to see what kind of fun can be expected from the book inside.

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