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Demon Drums Book Review (2021)

Island Warrior Series

Science fiction author Carol Severance presents the first book of a Trilogy series called Island Warrior. You will get to see what this book talks about, but first, a brief introduction of Carol is probably necessary.

Carol Severance

Born in 1944 and passed away recently, in 2015, Carol was an author from Hawaii that wrote science fiction books and was generally very interested in Pacific Islanders and their fascinating environments.

She even served the Peace Corps in her early years of adulthood and later did amazing anthropological fieldwork in the remote coral atolls of Turk, Micronesia. Now let’s see how this Island Warrior Trilogy starts with the first book.

Demon Drums Book

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Iuti Mano

Carol Severance’s Demon Drums novel starts with the introduction of the protagonist of the story, a very skilled warrior, called Iuti Mano. She has been a warrior for so long, now she is tired of the endless battles and war that caused so much devastation to her family.

Too Tired

She is tired of the deaths and pain she has witnessed and all that Iuti wants now is to escape somewhere that is peaceful, with no fighting, just relaxing as life was meant to be. After ending a deadly battle with a terrible being that rained with horrible magic upon her family for so long, even that is not the end of it as she is still in the middle of a devastating war that is tearing her land apart.

Peaceful Island

After continuing to read further, you see Iuti on a peaceful island, nothing to disturb her peace, just regaining her life energy that was drained by watching all the horrible things that happened back home. But, unfortunately for her and fortunately for the readers, something is about to happen that will disturb her peace and bring excitement to the readers.

Evil Source of Power

An evil source of power has emerged that is rapidly increasing her power as she steals the life force of so many. Eventually, she comes for Iuti as this evil sorceress desperately wants Iuti’s powerful life energy.

There are many important details to the story that we cannot mention all of which in our review but what is most important to know is that this sorceress and her minions called the demon drummers will stop at nothing to drain Iuti of her energy and gain so much power.

Fierce Battle

In the following pages, you get to read about a fierce battle that Iuti just can’t avoid. She uses the last of her remaining power in an attempt to defeat this evil sorceress and regain her peace. We also covered another book by this brilliant author, take a look at our Reefsong book review.

Will she succeed is up to you to find out from the book itself. Lucky for her, there will be a few powerful allies to help her in her quest, so be sure to read what happens until the end. That’s all the spoilers we can afford to give out, but be sure to check out the rest of the books in the Trilogy if you like this one.

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