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A Diary From Dixie Book Review (2021)

Mary Boykin Chesnut

What you get to see in this non-fiction book by Mary Boykin Chesnut herself, is an eyewitness story of a period that was filled with war and dangerous times. This is the original diary of Mary Chesnut, the wife of Confederate General James Chesnut.

On-Point Narrative

She has provided a well explained and on-point narrative of all of those long years of war and destruction. You get to read about a time that was filled with uncertainty and fear in this story that is considered one of the best books about the Civil War. Find out more about what to expect inside the book from this A Diary From Dixie book review.

A Diary From Dixie Book

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Who is Mary?

The book is around 500 pages long and in those pages, Mary explains many facts that are related to the war. She covers stories that she has heard regarding anyone from Confederate Generals and political figures to some of the most ordinary people around.

You will get to know Mary a little more from this A Diary From Dixie book review and find out what kind of person she was and how she feels being so close to where the real action of the war takes place.

Wealthy Daughter 

She indirectly describes herself as a very nice woman who wants to be friends with everyone and doesn’t pick fights with anyone she meets. She explains what she wants in life and it is nothing at all what she is currently living in. Mary’s wishes are to relax, get away from all of this mess and stress, and sit back and enjoy a good book.

However, she is actually the daughter of a very wealthy plantation owner and the wife of a husband who is very much involved in the politics regarding the war and she constantly gets mixed up with everything that is going on with her husband and his elderly parents who always bore her to death with their annoying and boring conversations.


This book definitely informs you on a thing or two about the American Civil War that was currently taking over Mary’s life, but what you get to see more and more of these events regarding Mary personally as, after all, it is her diary.

She explains throughout the whole story how she feels and what she honestly thinks about certain events that were happening or that are going to happen. If you like this kind of story, you definitely have to check out our best non-fiction civil war books selection!

First-Hand Description

Her first-hand description of living in the middle of the devastating civil war definitely proves a classic and one of the most interesting books regarding the events of the war. You also get to hear her thoughts which are similar to many others about everything else that was happening because of the war, the slavery, desire for power, status, and so much more.

Chronological Events

Regarding the writing style and the narrative of the book itself, our thoughts on that in this A Diary From Dixie book review are that there is really nothing special to it at all. No major structure is present as this story is just in the form of the chronological events that Mary was writing down in her diary.


It doesn’t need to be anything more than that when you consider the fact that this is a very true story of one of the biggest and most important events that have happened in America and you are reading about it, first-hand, from a person who didn’t just live in that time, but was actually well mixed up in the middle of it and with the people who were making huge decisions that affected the outcome of so much.

Michael Englert
Michael Englert
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