Dinosaur Summer Book Review (2020)

Most science fiction fans are familiar with the works of Greg Bear. He is an author who writes brilliant sci-fi stories that baffle the minds of his readers. If you are interested in his works, check out our article about the best Greg Bear books

This is another novel from Greg that holds wondrous adventures and outstanding characters with the characteristics of brave and dedicated modern Americans.

Anyhow, this book review of Dinosaur Summer tells the story of an alternate history where humans and dinosaurs both exist in the same time period and shows you what the relationship between the two species is in this astonishing new world of Greg’s.

Dinosaur Summer Book

This alternate history is one in which humans use dinosaurs as attractions to make money in dinosaur circuses that are very exciting for everyone. The fact that they are so exciting causes film producers to not make any money at all because the people care more about the circuses and the amazing entertainment they offer instead of watching movies.

However, these dinosaur circuses slowly start dying out because these creatures start escaping more and more, causing an increase of deaths by them, another fact that brings a lot to the dying out of the circuses is that new dinosaurs are very hard to obtain so it starts becoming a bigger problem to keep them in business.

Don’t worry, we won’t forget to mention some characters in our Dinosaur Summer book review. We meet Peter Belzoni and his father, Anthony Belzoni. Peter has been looking for some fun in the summer, he was bored and his father ends up getting them both to join an expedition with the purpose of returning a few dinosaurs to the wild.

These dinosaurs belong to the last circus that was slowly going bankrupt. This quest was actually harder than it seems as it is very hard to transport a dinosaur from continent to continent, let alone a dozen. In this attempt to transport them, they become trapped in El Grande, the land in which the circus was built.

Trapped with avisaurs, centrosaurs, ankylosaurs, and a large predatory raptor called Dagger, they immediately come across many dangers and witness Dagger returning to his primal instincts and the urge for an unstoppable killing frenzy.

In this Dinosaur Summer book review, you get a short peek at what this amazing novel by Greg holds as all of his stories hold the most exciting adventures and the most interesting characters. He never disappoints when it comes to creating new worlds that no one has ever seen or thought of before.

You are on your own now in this magical adventure as you get to find out how it ends and the amazing details that happen in it that we couldn’t fit into our Dinosaur Summerbook review. You are in for an exciting adventure in a mystical world created by the one and only Greg Bear.


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