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A Discovery of Witches Book Review (2021)

Deborah Harkness

A Discovery of Witches is the first book of the fantasy and science fiction book series by Deborah Harkness, called All Souls Trilogy. The book tells a story of a world that is populated by normal humans some of which are gifted with powerful abilities of magic such as the main character of the novel and protagonist Diana.

All Souls Trilogy

She is a witch but has decided to forget about that aspect of her life since the tragic death of her parents when she was only seven. Learn more about the story of Diana and this truly mysterious and magical world in this book review of A Discovery of Witches. You might be interested in our article about the best time travel romance books, where we covered this book as well.

A Discovery of Witches Book

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Diana is a science professor at the private University of Yale and her story of magic re-entering her life starts again when she was in the middle of conducting some kind of research at the University of Oxford. There, she discovers a mysterious looking manuscript while she was in the Bodleian Library which unleashes a series of devastating events that have the potential of huge amounts of destruction.

Spark of Magic

Her discovery of this powerful manuscript manages to bring out a certain spark of magic within herself, but that’s not the only thing that it did. A more catastrophic event resulted from this manuscript being out in the open after it was lost for many years.

Many creatures who were long searching for it finally know where to find it, and it is all thanks to Diana. However, it wasn’t on purpose as she didn’t even know what it was until the horrible magical creatures came.

Difficult Task

From what we can tell you in this A Discovery of Witches book review, it is because of this event that Diana finally embraces her powers that she has long been hiding and decides to use her power to put an end to what she has caused. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had any sort of training in the arts of magic at all, so this definitely proves as a very difficult mission for her.

The story is so exciting that it has a few sequels that continue the fun. You find out in this first book of the series how Diana Bishop manages to reconnect with this side of hers that was gone for so long.

Matthew Clairmont

She meets new friends who are also in the magical community like herself. One of those friends who help her on her journey is a vampire called Matthew Clairmont and he joins her in her quest to rediscovering her magical potential and stopping all sorts of threats.

You are definitely going to be seeing a lot of magic in this book and the rest that follow within the series as you join Diana on her quest in a world of humans that try to coexist will all sorts of magical creatures. They are all dangerous but some of them choose not to be, the others who decide to use their power for destruction and evil prove to be the real threat to humanity and everyone else.

Shadow of Night

Be sure to find out how things end here and how they continue in the sequel, Shadow of Night, as you go further than the contents in this book review of A Discovery of Witches and check out the book, as well as the whole series, for yourself.

A lot of magical twists and surprises will be heading your way in this fantasy world that the author Deborah Harkness has created, so be prepared and expect to have a truly exciting time as you read the whole trilogy.

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