Doctor Orient Book Review (2020)

Doctor Orient is the first book of a seven-book series by Frank Lauria, also called Doctor Orient, that talks about this doctor’s revelation of his psychic powers and his quest and research of some terrible and monstrous things that are happening by someone who doesn’t care for humanity and uses them as play-things for their dark experiments.

Frank Lauria has managed to write some amazing stuff in the whole series of Doctor Orient and this edition proves to be the perfect introduction in the vast and scary world that occupies the seven novels. To learn more about the series, check out selection of the best Frank Lauria books. Our book review of Doctor Orient will make sure to brief you on how this long story, which spans seven books, all begins.

Doctor Orient Book

First, there are many characters that you get to meet in this novel some of which you will be seeing again in later sequels. But, before we get to introduce you to any of them in our book review of Doctor Orient, you must understand what the plot of this novel is.

So, the story goes on in a world of telepaths, psychics, two different sides of them who have different objectives. Of course, as any story won’t be as fun without this fact, one is good and one is devastatingly evil, worshipers of Satan to be exact.

The other side, Doctor Orient’s side is a group of his followers who are risking their lives to do what is right and save the soul of a young girl. This dark side that we mentioned is a group of witches and warlocks among who are some of New York’s most famous celebrities and are experimenting with all kinds of horrible things such as sexual perversion, Black Magic, and taking innocent human lives just like that.

As for the girl, she is a gorgeous sixteen-year-old who hangs around a popular discotheque and seduces men with her beauty and dark magic so they can be turned into servants of Satan.

It’s time for this review of Doctor Orient bookto show you the antagonist of this story, a dark and powerful being, called Susej. His trick is that he uses a form of pop music to mind control people and turn them to the side of Satan.

Even in this first book of the whole series, things get pretty intense as Doctor Orient’s team of telepaths engage this dark evil in order to stop the horrible things that he is doing and end it once and for all.

Aside from that, you also get to meet some other interesting characters who later add a lot to the story like a defrocked priest who has some pretty cool powers and even manages to become super famous as he performs a miracle at a Yankee Stadium which is the fact that he saves the Vice President’s daughter’s life in front of many.

What’s pretty exciting is that this is just the beginning of this story that Frank has created and even more exciting things follow in the sequel Raga Six and the others after that.


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