Doctor Rat Book Review (2020)

Doctor Rat is truly a very different styled novel by author William Kotzwinkle in terms of what the plot talks about. Many of his stories hold exciting adventures with a bit of action and drama, but this one makes you think more and focus on what each of the characters inside are trying to tell the readers.

The story is explained by animal characters with never hearing a man talk and you get to see what these characters are talking about from this book review of Doctor Rat. If you would like to know more about Kotzwinkle’s work, take a look at our The Exile book review.

Doctor Rat Book

In Doctor Rat, of course, you get to meet the rat that most of this story revolves around as he constantly chants his strange beliefs. This rat has a very different opinion than the other animals that are being held in the laboratory of a professor who often does experiments on these creatures.

We can definitely say in this Doctor Rat book review that this rat is different than the others as he encourages the experiments done by the human to go on because he tries to explain to the others that they are truly doing the most selfless and noble thing an animal could do, help humanity to prosper by giving their lives so that humans can find answers for a better life. Doctor Rat says this as the professor continues on to dissect the animals and rip their stomachs open.

You can be sure that this Doctor Rat is the only friend to the humans of all of the animal characters you get to meet in this book. He is the friend of humans and enemy to all others who don’t support him.

The story might prove disturbing as this rat has no problem at all with everything that the professor and humanity are doing to him and to the other animals, pealed skin, removed organs, bones crushed, nothing bothers him and he has a perfectly good explanation for every cruel act that is committed upon these animals that backs up the humans.

You are definitely going to have a fun time reading all of the crazy events that are happening in this book and all of the things that this rat says that are simply unbelievable and will seem unreal as you read them. It is definitely a unique way to write about as the narrator is Doctor Rat and his twisted mind.

The story gets super juicy as one event after another brings you closer to the conclusion of the whole thing, when animal species gather to talk and things get complicated but even more interesting and exciting. Doctor Rat even has no problem with dying as his beliefs of doing what is right are bringing him close to just that, death.

You also get to read about what the other fellow test subjects that you meet in the story and the ones that we didn’t mention in this Doctor Rat book review, but all of them certainly have very different opinions than Doctor Rat.


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