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Dracula: Bram Stoker Book Review (2021)

Bram Stoker

Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel is a vampire fiction book in which you find out about an epic story regarding the master of vampires himself, Dracula. Count Dracula lives in his castle located in the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania.

This Dracula: Bram Stoker book review will tell you a short description of what to expect in this fantasy story so be sure to read it and decide if the book suits your style. Or you can check out our selection of the best vampire books!

Dracula: Bram Stoker Book

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Meet Jonathan Harker

Count Dracula himself is one of the main characters in this novel, but there is also Jonathan Harker who gets involved in his life after he goes to his castle to provide legal support for a real estate problem that the Count is having.

The count wishes to move from Transylvania to England to see more thrill from his life and to find fresh blood to fill his appetite. Harker travels to his castle without knowing that vampires live in it. He is greeted with three of Dracula’s vampire sisters whose hospitality will make Harker realize what a true vampire is.

Help Required

The Count manages to save Harker from his sisters so that he can make sure he gets the help from him before he is ripped to shreds. After the Count and Jonathan are done, Dracula leaves on his new adventure and abandons Harker with his sisters, Harker barely manages to escape while he is still alive.

The book then focuses a bit more on the Count himself as he leaves for England and boards a Russian ship called the Demeter and brings some Transylvanian soil with him so that he can restore his full powers when he arrives.

Crossing Paths Again

Dracula’s and Harker’s lives manage to cross paths again after Dracula stalks a lady who happens to be friends with Harker’s wife, Mina Murray. She is staying at her friend’s Lucy, the girl who the Count is staling when he arrives in England, who is about to witness her life being changed.

Harker’s wife, Mina, notices that Lucy is looking worse and worse every day as she appears dry and lifeless as the days pass. After a doctor examines her, he diagnoses that Lucy appears to have been drained by a big portion of her blood. All of them begin to fear that a vampire might be the cause for this so they try to protect Lucy by placing garlic near her bed but she still appears to be losing blood every night.

Terrible Event

Lucy and her mother then experience a terrible event, they are attacked by a wolf and her mother, who suffers from a terrible heart condition, dies instantly from a heart attack because of the fear she experiences. The doctor then sees two small punctures on Lucy’s neck after which she dies too.

This might be a spoiler in this Dracula: Bram Stoker book review, but it is needed if you are to understand what kind of story this is and decide whether you would like to read it. There are many important details that we haven’t mentioned here that will surely be nice surprises for you as you read the book.

Van Helsing

A character, called Van Helsing, who you get to find out more about in the book places a golden crucifix over Lucy’s mouth in hopes that this will delay her transformation into a vampire. After they bury Lucy, reports of children being frightened and stalked by a bloody lady immediately start showing up everywhere and they fear that Lucy’s undead body might be doing this.

Van Helsing’s suitors then start a hunt for Lucy which leads to a confrontation between them and her and they are forced to stab a wooden stake through her heart, they chop off her head, and put garlic in her mouth as they can never be sure if she will remain dead or not.

Important Details

You can see how this story changes course and how innocent and friendly characters at first witness such different fates. This is something that makes this book one of the best vampire books that you can read thanks to its originality, unique and fascinating characters, and a story that is perfect with the small and important details that the author has managed to keep track of.

After these events, you get to read about Jonathan Harker again as he comes to England to join his wife Mina and the countless others in the hunt for the vampire Dracula. They begin to study and research from every historical content they can find that is related to Dracula to find his strengths and weaknesses so that they can better understand what they are dealing with.

Sacramental Bread

After a while of digging information, they find out, thanks to Jonathan, that Dracula has purchased a lot of property here in England so they devise plans to raid each of them in hopes of surprising him and finally putting an end to his horrible influence over people.

They encounter him several times but never manage to catch him, the good thing is that they manage to render his coffins where he gathers his strength useless for him. They do this by filling them with sacramental bread which prevents Dracula from opening them or transporting them anywhere.

Mystery and Thrill

Hopefully, some of the small spoilers that you see in this book review of Dracula by Bram Stoker won’t manage to ruin the book for you. Luckily for you, there are plenty more exciting events that you get to read about in the book itself, so you can feel free knowing that the main parts of the story, and the most interesting ones, are yet to be discovered by you.

If you are into vampire fiction and the mystery and thrill that comes with it, then this book will prove very satisfying for you.

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