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Dragon Blood Book Series Review (2021)

Lindsay Buroker

The Dragon Blood book series tells a thrilling fantasy story by Lindsay Buroker about a world in which magic has long been forgotten and their world is much like ours where science and technology prosper in every aspect of life and the ancient creatures and magic users are nothing but myth and legend now.

Dragon Blood

You get to meet a lot of fascinating characters, some of them still have the dragon blood in them and those people are feared by many as they have out of the ordinary abilities which hold so much power to be used for good or evil. This review will make sure that you know exactly what to expect before you decide to read the entire journey in the series.

Dragon Blood Book Series

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Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Balanced on the Blade’s Edge 8.56/10 224 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Death Maker 8.66/10 241 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Blood Charged 8.74/10 290 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Patterns in the Dark 9.08/10 256 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Blade’s Memory 9.22/10 310 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Under the Ice Blades 9.22/10 124 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Raptor 9.34/10 366 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Soulblade 9.52/10 351 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Fowl Proposal Bonus Scenes 9.54/10 57 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Shattered Past 9.34/10 230 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Oaths 9.58/10 348 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Balanced on the Blade’s Edge


Colonel Ridge Zirkander

The epic series starts off with this book in which you get to meet a few of the first characters to show up in the story and get to find out what goes on in this amazing world of Dragon Blood.

One of the first characters to appear in the book is Colonel Ridge Zirkander. He is described as a character who isn’t very caring for anyone and is not exactly professional with his career or behavior.

Sardelle Terushan

He always says what’s on his mind and manages to offend many people but always ends up unaffected as the army needs him because he is the best pilot in the air force. Speaking of being the best, you must check out our review of the best dragon books!

Another character who introduces you to more of the story is Sardelle Terushan who has just woken up from 300 years of sleep in a mage stasis shelter. There are many more characters to meet in the first book of the series and even more as the series goes on.

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Caslin Ahn

The second book of this series introduces you to a few more characters who will be taking you on yet another adventure. This time, one of the main characters in this story is another military person, Lieutenant Caslin Ahn, and she has just joined Wolf Squadron.


Her story immediately follows tragedy as she was shot down and assumed dead by her own people while she was dragged off and taken as a prisoner of war. In the dungeon where she was taken is where the fun in this story happens as she meets another character who will prove very fascinating to all.


He is her new cellmate, a notorious pirate called Deathmaker. These two have a lot of interesting things to tell each other and you get to read about a thrilling plot to escape this terrible prison together as former enemies.

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Blood Charged


Powerful Sorcerer

Sardelle Terushan comes into play in this book again as you get to find out much more about her as a character. Sardelle is a powerful sorcerer and healer but she knows that she should never show this off as magic is strictly forbidden in the land of Iskandia.

Another Complication

Anyone who dares to use magic in this world is either shot down, drowned and simply killed in any way they see fit, you get the idea. There is another problem here as she has fallen in love with Ridge Zirkander and she is putting both her life and his in jeopardy.

Devastating Weapons

An even bigger problem presents as the Cofah military scientists have discovered dragon blood and they now have the resource to create devastating weapons, it’s up to Sardelle and Ridge to strike and steal it before something terrible happens that will leave no one in Iskandia safe.

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Patterns in the Dark



The story continues in this book as more and more secrets about the dragons and their strangely powerful blood are revealed. Everyone in this world has known for a long time that all of the dragons have gone extinct and that none remain, but the Cofah Empire proves otherwise.


They have found at least one dragon that remains and are using the poor creature and its blood to do all sorts of experiments and create weapons. All of Iskandia is concerned with this and is working on the matter but Tolemek, a new character who appears in the series, is only concerned with finding his missing sister.

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The Blade’s Memory


Utter Mess

The fifth book of Dragon Blood book series tells you a story that has gotten so much more serious for Ridge and Sardelle as they now can’t even show their faces in Iskandia without being shot or arrested. It’s all a mess as the King is now missing and a secret organization is hunting sorcerers and killing them off.

Thrilling Story

To make matters worse, the enemy has finally finished creating their deadly dragon blood weapons and are ready to deploy them, there are definitely many problems to be fixed here and this thrilling story will tell you if these characters have what it takes to do this job.

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Under the Ice Blades


Astuawilda Kaika

A new fascinating character appears for the first time in this book of the series and her name is Captain Astuawilda Kaika. She is an elite force soldier who loves to go on secret missions of great importance and she is also a demolitions expert.

Important Mission

Her life is about to become a whole lot more complicated after she is assigned on a very important mission that will take place in a research facility that has been overtaken by enemy soldiers. She won’t be alone on this dangerous and thrilling mission as King Angulus himself, and General Zirkander will be accompanying her.

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Caslin Is Back

This is the sixth book in this book series, you get to see a lot of old faces from the previous books as Lieutenant Caslin Ahn herself is back but she definitely isn’t in a very joyous state.


She feels responsible for the death of her friend and only wants to be left alone. You get to find out that she doesn’t feel like she is worthy to be a part of the Wolf Squadron any more but is left without a choice after the King sends her on an important mission with her team.

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Presumed Dead

Soulblade is the seventh book of the series and the book where you get to see even more dangerous situations before our favorite characters. After the events of the previous book, Ridge is now missing and presumed dead by many but Sardelle just refuses to believe this so she goes by herself to search for him.

New Threat

There are many more problems to fix here as well as Sardelle manages to discover a new threat that could mean the end of all of them and Iskandia is also threatened by the Cofah Empire as they are really mad about the loss of their airships.

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The Fowl Proposal Bonus Scenes


A Bit Different

This is a different book than the others in this series as it tells about a few stories that happen between Soulblade and Shattered Past as these stories first appeared only on Lindsay’s blog and were so good that were later included in a whole book about the events inside.

Four Stories

Inside are four great short stories that tell you a bit more about the personal lives of the characters and give you a little break of all of the extremely important and serious events that are going on in all of their lives. A little spoiler from us in this Dragon Blood book series review is that you also get to read about a marriage proposal between Ridge and Sardelle.

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Shattered Past


Lilah Zirkander

This is the story about professor Lilah Zirkander, a close relative to the famous pilot known as Ridge Zirkander, and you get to read about a fascinating story in which there is a great deal of mystery involved.

Ice Blades

She is excited to spend her summer in the pantheology lab as she gets to research some more fossils, but her plans take a different turn when the King asks of her to go into the Ice Blades, secret mines in which ancient dragon fossils have just turned up. There is much more to these mines and you get to find out all about that for yourself.

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The last book of Dragon Blood book series is Oaths, a story in which you finally get to read about Zirkander and Sardelle’s marriage as these two famous characters definitely bring some of the most interesting scenes.

Problems to Solve

They believe that this is the perfect time for their wedding as it has been a couple of months since any serious threats have appeared in their lives, but there are still many things that they mustn’t forget such as the resident dragon who believes that he is a god and is forcing Ridge to build a temple for him and countless other small details.


Be sure to read all of these books if you have found an interest in this fascinating story and find out how these characters end the story as their lives are definitely quite exciting and it’s completely understandable why many fans absolutely adore this book series.

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