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Dragon Slippers Book Series Review (2021)

Jessica Day George

Dragon Slippers is an enchanting story about mystery, thrill, and adventure in a magical world that holds all sorts of unique characters and many fascinating dragons.

Epic Fantasy

This fantasy adventure story is written by American author Jessica Day George and it is among her first epic fantasy stories and it quickly reached bestselling status at the New York Times. Stick around and check out our review if you wish to find out more about this thrilling story and decide if Dragon Slippers book series is next book series for you to read.

Dragon Slippers Book Series

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Dragon Slippers 9.08/10 324 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Dragon Flight 9.12/10 262 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Dragon Spear 9.16/10 248 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Dragon Slippers



The first book itself is also called Dragon Slippers and this is the book that gets to introduce you to the main character who you will be seeing all throughout this series and also a bunch of other characters who definitely make this story a whole lot more interesting. 

The protagonist of Dragon Slippers book series is a fifteen-year-old girl named Creel, she lives in a dangerous world where dragons roam freely and the laws in their world aren’t exactly very fair and safe for everyone. The perfect example that shows this is the event that you get to read about in the very beginning. No wonder that we include this amazing book in our selection of the best dragon books ever written.


Creel’s aunt wants to sacrifice her to a dragon that lives near them in hopes that this will provoke a heroic knight to come and slay this deadly dragon once and for all. Her aunt was even hoping that after this brave knight defeats the beast, he would marry Creel and finally lift this family out of poverty, definitely a well thought out plan, or is it?

So, they begin to carry out the plan, Creel doesn’t know what to think but she goes along with it as she has no other choice. She is instructed to stand outside the cave of the fierce dragon called Theoradus and is quickly taken in.

Not Waiting Around

This was the part of the plan, where her aunt and uncle instruct the warrior prince to come and rescue her and fall in love with her after killing the dragon. But, you get to see just what type of character Creel is at this point.

When she is grabbed inside by the dragon, she has no intention of waiting around for some prince to rescue her and begins bargaining for her life with this deadly, but intelligent, dragon. Once inside, the dragon reveals to Creel that he is absolutely disgusted by humans and wants nothing to do with them at all so Creel offers a deal, if she can have one item from his precious collection, she will leave the cave and never come back again.

Dragonskin Slippers

Theoradus agrees and watches as Creel takes a pair of blue shoes, called the Dragonskin Slippers. The dragon wasn’t quite pleased with this choice but still lets her leave in hopes of never seeing another human again. The reason that he wasn’t very pleased with her taking these shoes is because there is something more to them than meets the eye.

You find out later, at a royal ball which Creel also gets to attend thanks to her embroidery skills, just what kind of powers these slippers hold. It turns out that the Dragonskin Slippers have the ability to control other dragons’ minds which is why Creel is surprised at the following event.


Before she came back home, she met a golden dragon named Shardas who saved her from bandits along the way and he was actually attacking this place now after a spoiled princess stole the slippers from Creel. Shardas was a nice dragon after all, who enjoyed the company of humans.

This is where the first part of our Dragon Slippers book series review leaves you off, as the rest of the story that remains is up to you to find out about. We certainly don’t want to spoil the whole thing for you as there will be no point in reading it after that.

Just as Thrilling

However, you can definitely rest assured as the story that follows in this book, and in the next two of the series is just as thrilling, if not even more. More of the story follows in the second book of the series, Dragon Flight.

Dragon Flight


Dragon Wars

This book continues the story of the Dragon Slippers as here, you get to find out that the Dragon Wars that happened near the ending of the first book are finally over, and much has changed for our characters in the book.

Things now look peaceful and quite boring, which is definitely not how Creel wants to feel as she is excited for more adventures after witnessing her last one. Her wishes might actually come true when she learns of something terrible that could present another, bigger, threat to her and her people once more.

Feeling Bored

Before all of that begins, you find out that Creel’s life is not too bad now actually after the events that she and many others witnessed not long ago as she is making a good living for herself working as a seamstress. She is quite good at her job but she definitely feels bored as that’s something that she doesn’t want to be doing due to the lack of excitement and thrill.

What she is about to hear is definitely no good news but there is something good out of it as Creel will finally get a chance to do something important now and have a lot of fun on the exciting journey that follows with it. She learns that a neighboring country of theirs is training an army of dragons and preparing them for a total invasion.


This immediately springs her into action as Creel is the type of character who knows she must do something about it as it would be too late to wait for the invasion to come to them.

This new adventure that awaits her will have the pleasure of showing you a bit more of some old characters and some new ones as well. Creel will also have the pleasure of being reunited with Shardas, her best dragon friend and loyal companion as they were separated after the great dragon wars, unfortunately.

Making Things Better

Prince Luka who had grown close to Creel before will also be reappearing in this story as their relationship has now grown quite cold after the terrible events that they all witnessed in book one but hopefully this time, they will have a chance to make things better between them.

And finally, one of the new characters who you get to meet in this book is a vicious antagonist, an enemy, who will present quite the deadly foe and a character who is tough to beat and scary to be around.

More Secrets to Uncover

You get to find out something more from our review and that is that this book also holds a lot of secrets about the dragons themselves and their world, secrets that are centuries old and make the story that is to come a lot more clearer.

We won’t reveal the spoilers with any names, but you get to meet a couple more new characters in this book, very important characters who have titles such as Dragon King and Dragon Queen as you uncover more and more secrets about them, their past, and what their intentions are now in the present.

Another Entrance

And for all of those who are anxious to find out about this secret, Shardas does reappear in this story again and he will have quite the big blow to the outcome of the story as this dragon is always full of surprises and never ceases to amaze the readers. If you want to find out more about similar books, check out our review of the best dragon books for young adults.

Be sure to stick around a bit longer in our review if you wish to find out what amazing surprises the third and final book of this series has to offer.

Dragon Spear


Grand Finale

The final book of Dragon Slippers book series is finally here and you will definitely be excited about it if you have come this far in the article. The world in which our favorite characters live now is a lot different than the one in the previous book left for us as there are a lot of changes this time around.

Shardas has a new and prestigious title that is respected by many dragons and he has a spouse that fits his perfectly. She is the Dragon Queen Velika who you first get to meet in the second book of the series.


You also get to find out about a certain marriage that is approaching between two of our favorite characters in this story. Creel and Luka are finally prepared to make this leap in life and stir towards more happiness together. As amazing as all of this seems, it turns out that all of that joy and happiness and Creel’s big day will have to wait as there is another, more urgent, situation that they all have to deal with immediately.


The Dragon Queen, Velika, has unfortunately been kidnapped and just in the middle of a long-desired peace between the dragons and humans as they were all living peacefully in separate territories. No matter how hard they work for peace, there is always someone to ruin the whole thing. Creel and Luka don’t even think twice before they start their search for the Dragon Queen so that they can rescue her before something terrible happens and still try to pull off their big wedding day.

The Search for the Dragon Queen Begins

This will prove to be their most dangerous adventure from all that you will see in Dragon Slippers book series, as the main characters are flying completely blind here and have no idea who is behind this kidnapping, what their motives are, where she is taken, and stuff like that so you can see why this is both stressful, suspenseful, and thrilling at the same time.

It is later found out that a bunch of rouge dragons are responsible for this treacherous kidnapping but their purpose is yet to be discovered. The timing for this horrible event couldn’t be worse. Besides the fact that Luka and Creel were about to get married, Velika’s eggs where just about to be laid.

Finally, The Queen Appears

This is definitely something that could make many of the characters mad so you can definitely expect some more exciting events when they finally find the Queen and those responsible for this treacherous act.

After a long and stressful adventure, they manage to find the queen and the band of dragons who kidnapped her with evil intentions. The Queen is in no position to be moved as she is about the lay her clutch of eggs and getting her back in time is definitely out of the question.

New Characters

If the book weren’t interesting enough, you also get to discover a few more characters and a lot of new threats with them, there is something more to this kidnapping which has something to do with a new threat that could mean the end of dragons and humans too.

The dragon race is already dying so this event is becoming more and more suspenseful for the readers as who knows what will happen next. One thing is for sure and that is that this thrilling story is finally coming to the amazing end that it deserves and you get to read all about that for yourself. This is the end of our review and hopefully, you got to see a glimpse of what you can expect in this thrilling book series for dragon lovers.

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