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Dragonbreath Book Series Review (2021)

Ursula Vernon

Dragonbreath is a pretty funny and informative fantasy book series by author Ursula Vernon and it is meant for the younger audience, specifically for children who have already been in school for one or two years and up.

Best for Young Readers

Its contents inside are divided between words and graphics which makes this book series one of the best for young readers who absolutely love dragons. Be sure to check out what this review has to offer so that you can decide if Dragonbreath book series is truly as exciting as we say.

Dragonbreath Book Series

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Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Dragonbreath 8.52/10 160 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Attack of the Ninja Frogs 9.06/10 208 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Curse of the Were-Wiener 9.04/10 204 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Lair of the Bat Monster 9.16/10 204 Pages Check Price On Amazon
No Such Thing as Ghosts 9.12/10 208 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Revenge of the Horned Bunnies 9.26/10 208 Pages Check Price On Amazon
When Fairies Go Bad 9.24/10 208 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Nightmare of the Iguana 9.28/10 208 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Case of the Toxic Mutants 9.26/10 208 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Knight-Napped! 9.22/10 208 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Frozen Menace 9.46/10 208 Pages Check Price On Amazon



Danny Dragonbreath

The first book in the series is also titled Dragonbreath and it’s the book that will be your introduction to the amazing story that awaits inside. The book introduces you to the main character in the entire series himself, Danny Dragonbreath.

Unique Characters

You quickly get to discover that this book is filled with all sorts of uniquely designed characters ranging from dragons to anything originating from ancient mythology. If you like books like these, you might want to check out our review of the best dragon books!

Mythical Creature

Danny is a very special mythical creature, who is constantly being bullied in his magic school. Perhaps the reason for this bullying is because of the fact that Danny can’t breathe fire like the other dragons in his school but there is more to him than what the others can see. The real adventure here begins when Danny is taken by his sea creature cousin on an underwater tour.

Attack of the Ninja Frogs


Suki the Salamander

There is a new character, who gets added to this thrilling story in the second book. Her name is Suki the Salamander and she proves Danny’s theory that girls can often present a lot of trouble.


She has managed to manipulate his best friend Wendell and make him into a lovesick tadpole but they all become serious, when they discover a dangerous kidnapping plot that will be carried out by ninja frogs.

Bamboo Forest

This is where the second book of Dragonbreath book series gets super exciting as Danny, Suki, and Wendell decide to explore the vast bamboo forest and find out exactly what these ninja frogs want. All is going well until they finally run into a bit of trouble and a situation that will have a very unpredictable ending.

Curse of the Were-Wiener



Be prepared to see your kids laugh out loud with this one as the story here is absolutely hilarious.

The main plot involves a wiener biting Danny’s best friend Wendell which causes him to turn into a were- wiener, yes you read it right. The funny story inside, along with the amazing graphics and illustrations are definitely two things that no kid who loves dragons can resist.


Anyway, after Wendell is bitten by the wiener and transforms, Danny and Wendell realize that they must make it through the school’s lunch ladies and make it to the alpha-wurst and stop it before the whole school is infected and transforms into were-wieners. This one is definitely one of the funniest books in Dragonbreath books in here.

Lair of the Bat Monster



Here comes another exciting adventure in the amazing life of Danny and his best friend Wendell. This time, they travel to Mexico to visit Danny’s cousin who happens to be a bat specialist.

Danny is super excited about this trip as he is hoping to see tons of unique bats out there and he will get his wish just it wasn’t exactly how he pictured it going.

Giant Bat

Once there, Danny is kidnapped by a giant bat in an instant and is taken to her lair. This book offers the chance for Wendell to become the hero for once so you get to read a wonderful adventure of how Wendell tries to rescue his best friend before time runs out.

No Such Thing as Ghosts



It’s Danny and Wendell here again but this time the book introduces another character who will definitely spice up things in the story. It’s Halloween time and Danny Dragonbreath and his best friend Wendell have devised a neat system that will be able to maximize their trick or treating candy gatherings.

Christiana Vanderpool

There is just one problem, Danny’s dad forces them to take a girl called Christiana Vanderpool with them, an annoying know-it-all child who they definitely don’t want to slow them down.

Hunted House

To make matters worse, they fall into a dare by Danny’s school bully to enter a haunted house where who knows what kinds of things are hiding. That’s when the true excitement in this story finally arrives, and the amazing illustrations that complement the story very nicely are surely a great way for children to keep entertained.

Revenge of the Horned Bunnies


Summer Camp

This is the sixth book in our Dragonbreath books in order list and you can definitely expect another thrilling story in here as well. This time it’s summertime and Danny is getting ready for his long-awaited summer camp vacation where he can have fun with other kids and just enjoy being a kid.

Cousin Spencer

His plans get ruined again when he discovers that his cousin Spencer will be joining him. The reason that this news is upsetting is because his cousin Spencer is younger than him and very annoying which means that he will have to be looking out for him all the time.

When Fairies Go Bad


Mama Kidnapped

Get ready for one of the most thrilling stories in Dragonbreath book series, as this time it gets super serious and personal for Danny Dragonbreath as his dragon mama has been kidnapped by a bunch of fairies.

Everyone knows that you don’t mess with a dragon’s mama so you get to see a furious Danny, something that you can’t see very often in this book series.

Search Begins

Danny, Wendell, and their know-it-all friend Christiana hop on the first bus to the Faerie Realm and begin their search for his mother.

You will get to see that these fairies are not the cute and friendly type as they know how to play dirty and rescuing his mother and getting out of there alive will definitely prove to be very difficult as you will see for yourself.

Nightmare of the Iguana


Friend in Need…

Nightmare of the Iguana is the eighth book in our Dragonbreath book series review and the main plot here follows Danny and Suki as they enter Wendell’s mind to see what is bothering him and driving him insane. They must discover what it is and get rid of it in time before it’s too late for their friend.


This is a different kind of thrilling adventure, one that will unleash the whole imagination of children as this thrilling journey shows them an interesting way of looking at the brain.

The Case of the Toxic Mutants


Good Student

This book is the perfect one to show you exactly what type of fun-loving character Danny is, when he is compared to his best friend Wendell. Wendell prefers studying a lot and doing extremely well in school while Danny is keener on taking amazing naps during classes.


But when it comes to investigating thrilling mysteries such as the one that has just come up, involving mutants and toxic sludges, Danny is your dragon. This is another thrilling adventure that you get to read about and enjoy its amazing illustrations in the wonderful Dragonbreath book series.



Armored Knights

Knight-napped is the next to last book in our review and the story here is definitely as exciting as the rest, if not even more.

It follows Danny, of course, on another one of his never ending, laugh-out-loud, and thrilling adventures as this time his annoying younger cousin Spencer has been kidnapped by a group of armored knights.

Rescue Operation

It’s Danny’s mission to rescue his cousin and get him back in time for Thanksgiving Dinner and luckily for him, he will have the help of his best friend Wendell and their friend Christiana so things might just go a bit quicker with them working together.

The Frozen Menace


Faraway Land

And finally, this amazing book series is sadly coming to an end as this is the last book in our review and the story inside is definitely the perfect one to end this funny and amusing tale.

This adventure follows our three young and loving characters, Danny, Wendell, and Christiana as they journey to a faraway land to find a cure for Danny’s cold which has managed to make his fire disappear, and that’s definitely not good for a fire breathing dragon like Danny Dragonbreath.

Secret Ingredient

They must find a secret and rare ingredient that Danny’s grandfather teaches them about and time is definitely not on their side so this story will be both thrilling and suspenseful and the amazing graphics inside will make the experience from reading this last book of the series a lot more enjoyable.

Hopefully, you liked what you saw. These books are definitely unique when it comes to books about dragons for the younger readers as the half words and half graphics content is a great way to tell a story.

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