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Dragonology Chronicles Book Series Review (2021)

Dugald A. Steer

The Dragonology book series holds four books in which you get to read a series of adventures that are carried out by a couple of young characters and ones that also involve a lot of unique dragons in them.

Thrilling Adventures

These four books are written by author Dugald A. Steer and the book series is also very well suited for the younger audience as a few of the main characters inside are young kids themselves so you can definitely expect to read about some very thrilling adventures in this one. You can find more dragon books for you children in our review of the best dragon books for kids.

Be sure to stick around and see what Dragonology Chronicles will have to offer about the contents inside. We covered another book written by Dugald Steer in our article about the best dragon picture books. Check it out!

Dragonology Chronicles Book Series

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
The Dragon’s Eye 8.24/10 221 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Dragon Diary 8.62/10 272 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Dragon’s Apprentice 8.72/10 288 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Dragon Prophecy 8.78/10 224 Pages Check Price On Amazon

The Dragon’s Eye



The first book in Dragonology Chronicles is The Dragon’s Eye and this is the book that will have the pleasure of introducing you to a few of the most important characters inside as well as to the world in which some thrilling events are about to happen.

You also get to find out that this is a spin-off from the popular Dragonology series in which you get to meet the famous Dragonologist Ernest Drake and his infinite wisdom and knowledge about dragons.

Unique Stories

These books get to show you a series of unique stories that involve Dr. Drake but also his young students who are also training and studying to become skilled Dragonologists like him. You can learn more about Dugald Steer’s other book with the same title in our review of Dragonology book.

Now comes the part in our review, where you get to meet the two young protagonists of the series, they are Daniel and his sister Beatrice Cook. These two children are about to learn how dangerous this world truly is outside of their studies as they get to experience a very real and dangerous adventure.

The Dragon’s Eye

This adventure of theirs will involve a precious and powerful artifact known as The Dragon’s Eye. Another character comes into play here, an evil Dragonologist for a change and he is the one who has stolen The Dragon’s Eye. So begins here the exciting adventure that these characters are about to take you on, alongside tons of friendly dragons of course.

The Dragon Diary


Important Mission

This is the second book from the series and in our Dragonology Chronicles review and this one is definitely not short of more exciting adventures just like in the first one.

This time, the young characters have just started relaxing and catching their breath after the series of dangerous events from the first book and they have to get going on yet another important mission in this story as well.

Daniel and Beatrice

This story starts out as you get to read about the two young apprentices Daniel and Beatrice as they are patiently waiting for a new dragon hatchling to come out of its eggshell. Just before the new baby dragon hatches, Dr. Ernest is called out to India to search for the young siblings’ missing parents and on another important task that involves looking after some very ill Naga dragons.

Dragon Diary

This leaves the kids unsupervised and they get a secret tip that the cure for these ill dragons is hidden in an ancient and long lost Dragon Diary. The thrill in this story is just getting bigger and bigger as time is definitely not on our protagonists’ hands as the dragons are getting sicker and they still need to decipher the code hidden in the mysterious Dragon Diary.

This suspenseful journey is definitely becoming more and more thrilling by the page. We like it so much, that we covered it in our selection of the best dragon books ever!

The Dragon’s Apprentice


Another Adventure!

Coming up next in our review is the third and next to last book in the Dragonology Chronicles, which is hiding another thrilling story for the biggest of dragon lovers and enthusiasts. If you belong to this group of people, you might want to check out our review of the best dragon art books, where you can find another amazing work written by Steer!


A lot of things have changed in the lives of the two main characters here, the two siblings Daniel and Beatrice, as you get to see them reunited with their parents again and they have a new companion with them also, the baby dragon hatchling named Torcher.

Their world and lives finally seem perfect and in one piece but this joy will, unfortunately, not last for long, as Dr. Drake must disappoint them with some bad news, and this news comes just before the Cook family were about to open their orphan dragon sanctuary in St. Leonard’s Forest.

Dragonsbane Knights

The news that they hear tells them about the several members of the Dragon Society, who have been brutally attacked and this attack definitely resembles the work of the Dragonsbane Knights. These guys are definitely bad news, as they are a group of elite dragon killers who have not been around for a while and were thought extinct.

A new, strong, dragon gets added to this story, as he sets out to help Daniel and Beatrice rescue their beloved Torcher and the story just gets better and better as the mystery behind the Dragonsbane Knights gets unveiled.

The Dragon Prophecy


Alexandra Gorynitchka

The last book in this review is finally here and this book tells you how this thrilling story finally ends but not before a couple of even more exciting events and adventures take place.

This time, the main villain, who will be preventing our protagonists from having their peace will be Alexandra Gorynitchka, as she is obsessed with either controlling or destroying all of the dragons in this magical and vast world.

Hammer of the Dragons

Her quest involves obtaining something called the Hammer of the Dragons, a very old weapon that has the power to instantly kill countless dragons and you can definitely see how bad this would be if it gets in the wrong hands, such as Alexandra’s. It’s up to our heroes one last time to save the fate of the dragons and probably the world.

That’s it for our review, if you liked what you saw and you now have a bit more insight as to what to expect from Dragonology Chronicles, then be sure to check out this book series and explore the tons of exciting adventures inside.

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