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The Dying Light Book Review (2021)

Sean Williams

The Dying Light is the second novel that belongs to Sean Williams’ and Shane Dix’s science fiction Trilogy series called Evergence. It follows the events from the first book of the series.

Evergence Series

The Prodigal Sun and ends with an amazing ending that later continues the story in the last book of the series called A Dark Imbalance. All of the novels in the series hold a thick plot that is filled with many twists that change the story and the lives of the characters inside, it is filled with hours of fun reading, as well as lots of pages that describe exciting events filled with action, life-changing secrets, revelations, and never before known truths at every corner.

The Dying Light Book

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First Book Required

Take a look at this book review of The Dying Light and find out how the story continues from the last book. A nice little tip for you is to maybe check out the first book of the series if you wish to fully grasp the excitement of this one as they are very much connected.

Morgan Roche

So, in the first book of the series, we found out about a character named Morgan Roche that was a very skilled and special agent that worked for the Commonwealth of Empires. Now, in this world that Sean and Shane have created, the Earth does not exist anymore and what is left of humanity has spread out around space and survives in huge spaceships and space stations.

We met Morgan Roche in the first novel while she was being sent on a mission to transport an artificial intelligence lifeform called the Box to a nearby planet only to be ambushed and has been on the run since then.

Adoni Cane

A lot of things had happened since that initial start of the story, and this time Morgan is not the intelligence agent that worked for the Commonwealth of Empires, she has now turned renegade in an attempt to find out  more about someone that she knew named Adoni Cane.

As far as we can tell you in The Dying Light book review, Roche finds out a truth that is so devastating that it changes the way she thinks about so much. She finds out that this man known as Adoni Cane is actually one of many genetically enhanced warriors that once terrorized the galaxy and brought so much destruction to countless lives and worlds.

Stopping the Threat

In fact, as she is on this important quest, this breed of almost indestructible warriors has wakened again and is coming to finish the destruction that they had started a while ago. From there, you read about another mission that Roche has decided to finish, to stop this threat once and for all.

Absolute Blast

How she will do it, will she succeed, and what new dangers will she have to face are some of the things that we will not spoil in this review of The Dying Light and you will definitely have a blast reading about it for yourself in this and in the following book in the series.

Robert Hazley
Robert Hazley
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