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Echoes of Earth Book Review (2021)

The Orphans Trilogy

Echoes of Earth is part of a trilogy called The Orphans Trilogy and is written by Sean Williams. Sean is a science fiction writer from Australia. For the biggest science fiction fans out there, an important fact about Sean is that he has helped write three books of the Star Wars: New Jedi Order series.

Sean Williams

Another big achievement for this amazing author is that his novelization of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was the first one of computer games to ever debut at number one on the New York Times Best-Seller list.

Echoes of Earth Book

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Not Too Distant Future

This book review of Echoes of Earth and the trilogy involves a short summary of the wondrous story that lies in that world. The happenings take place in the early twenty-second century as we meet the engrams, a species of electronic reproductions of humans that have a mission to scan throughout the universe in search of alien life. For more information about the following book, take a look at our Heirs of Earth book review.

Exciting Characters

Their mission is simple, search, and report if any sign of life appears. As the engrams go about their mission, they find something that leads to catastrophic destruction and such terrible things that couldn’t even be imagined.

You are definitely in for some exciting content as you meet new characters, find new and mythical places, a crazy thing you see while going more in-depth in the book is the event of ten orbital towers being constructed around a planet with no living creatures on it.

Peter Alander

Peter Alander, along with his crew of engrams, having found out something about these towers, heads home to let Earth know something they definitely need to learn right away. After some time, a question pops up inside Peter’s head. He wonders if Earth should actually find out about this discovery.

Having discovered that those towers formed a ship that would travel faster than light, he begins to wonder if humanity could handle the power of this great invention. Peter is far from perfect, but there is something in him that pushes him to make the choices he makes.

Memorable Story

One thing is for sure, and that is that this book and the whole trilogy with it, have enough fiction and science in them to fill your need for action, sci-fi, imagination, drama, fantasy, and much more.

This is just the first book of The Orphans Trilogy and it is a great start to the world of wonders you are about to be introduced with and all the amazing and memorable characters inside it.

I hope that this Echoes of Earth book review has done its job to get you interested in this amazing book that is accompanied by two others after it that holds a lot of great adventures in it.

Sean Williams Does It Again

It’s perfect for the sci-fi fans that just can’t wait to get involved in another world filled with high tech gadgets, artificial life forms, aliens, and so many more interesting topics. Sean Williams sure knows how to create some crazy stories! You will definitely find that many reviews of Echoes of Earth are pumped for this interesting series.

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