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5 Best Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Books (2021)

Best Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Books ReviewBio

Scarborough was born on the 23rd of March 1947, in Kansas City, Kansas, United States of America. Elizabeth is an American author. Most of her writings are centered around science fiction and fantasy genres. Additionally, Elizabeth is a registered nurse living in the Puget Sound area of Washington, namely Port Townsend.


Elizabeth’s childhood was spent in Kansas City, Kansas. She went to the Bethany Hospital School of Nursing, where she became a registered nurse.  She practiced as a nurse for north of a decade, even spending about five years in the US Army as a registered nurse, with a year having been served during the war in Vietnam.

Best Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Books

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
The Healer’s War 7.88/10 336 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Song of Sorcery 8.16/10 216 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Godmother 7.94/10 341 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Harem Of Aman Akbar 7.92/10 265 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Nothing Sacred 8.18/10 352 Pages Check Price On Amazon


Elizabeth started her career of writing around 1982, when she published her very first novel. After this, she went to the University of Alaska, acquiring a BA Magna Cum Laude in 1987.

If not for a few scarce exceptions, Scarborough has come out with a book for each year since 1987. For her 1989 novel, The Healer’s War, Elizabeth won a Nebula Award. It comes as no surprise that we will now take a look at what the best Elizabeth Ann Scarborough books are.

The Healer’s War


Nebula Award

The Healer’s War by Scarborough was published in the year of 1989. It won the Nebula Award of the same year. In one sentence, the book is the best Elizabeth Ann Scarborough novel about the Vietnam War, but it has a bit of a fantastic facet that makes it something more.

Kitty McCulley

Our main character is Lieutenant Kitty McCulley. Kitty is a rather young, inexperienced, but resourceful nurse. She is thrown into one of the most nerve-wracking, chaotic storms – the term is used loosely – imaginable.

Anyone would have a rough time coming to terms with what needs to be done, let alone someone quite as much a novice as Kitty is. The crude racism espoused by her colleagues causes her trouble even more in her line of work, as she can’t even help the injured civilians.

Fantastic Element

The fantastic element of the story comes into play right here, as she is gifted an amulet by a patient, a dying Vietnamese holy man. The ominous characteristics of the amulet enable one to see the auras of people so that one can comprehend a bit more.

Where the amulet is used most and its role is most realized is during a venture through the Vietnamese jungle, as she goes along with a young boy, whose leg was amputated, and a maniacal soldier.


Towards the end of the journey, though, Kitty has reconciled with the issues that assailed her and now knows how to survive through the crazed times that are ensuing. The book is wonderfully written, with believable characters that awe readers. Deservedly one of Scarborough’s best books.

Argonia Book Series


5 Book Series

One of the best Elizabeth Ann Scarborough series Argonia is comprised of five books. The books go as follows:

  1. Song of Sorcery, published in 1982.
  2. The Unicorn Creed, published in 1983.
  3. Bronwyn’s Bane, published in 1984.
  4. The Christening Quest, published in 1985.
  5. The Dragon, the Witch, and the Railroad, published thirty years later, in 2015.

Song of Sorcery

The first book, Song of Sorcery, is one of the most popular Elizabeth Ann Scarborough books one can read. It follows hearth witch Maggie Brown and friend, minstrel Colin Songsmith. The story follows the two as they set off to find Maggie’s noble sister, as she’s ‘missing’.

In fact, the issue arises because Colin might not have understood quite what was happening, as his musical retelling of the supposed flight from home might not be wholly accurate. Still, they go to find her and finish the song properly.

The fantastical elements of the story are exceedingly enjoyable. We have cats that are act sarcastically, hapless minstrels, unicorns, domestic witches, dragons that are moonstruck. Scarborough’s world is a finely written one, brimming with the kind of comical, imaginative characters that make up an interesting fantasy-genre story.

Bronwyn’s Bane

The third book, however, features a different case. Here we have Bronwyn who is a princess, but an uncommon one. Bronwyn can be uncoordinated and to top it all off, she’s unable to be truthful, but can only tell lies. Just as enjoyable as the previous entries, Bronwyn’s Bane is more than just a fantasy novel.

The books are sure to have you and your children giggling. Some of the best books by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, without a doubt.

Godmother Book Series


Rose’s Wish

The Godmother series is composed of three top Elizabeth Ann Scarborough books. The three works are:

  1. The Godmother, published in 1994.
  2. The Godmother’s Apprentice, published in 1995.
  3. The Godmother’s Web, published in 1998.

By and large, the story is focused on a Godmother that is summoned so as to grant the Rose’s wish. Rose is a social worker from Seattle. What Scarborough suggests, in the highly metaphorical manner that she does, is that an astounding number of everyday situations are variations on the themes from olden fairy tales.


The books feature a ton of characters. A great part of them revolve around Rose and Felicity Fortune, the Godmother. The fairy tale characters that are prominent are Cinderella, Snow White, Hansel & Gretel, among others.

They aren’t, however, the Disney characters of today, but the original works of the Brothers Grimm. They are even brutal, at times, as the reader will soon learn. As such, the story is a markedly fast-paced one.


The second book in the trilogy follows the transformation from an ordinary girl to a fairy godmother. She is transported to Ireland from the mid-1990s as she learns from the legendary figures that come from the mythos of Irish lore as they are placed in the context of modern times.

The final book follows the always-ignored Cindy. She isn’t quite sure that her own man is the quintessential man of her dreams. She is, at the moment, training a horse for a cross-country trek. On her way she meets a lot of people, most eminent, of course, is Grandma Webster. Grandma is here to change the life of Cindy forever, and for the better.

Dazzling Magic

The dazzling magic of these books cannot be stated enough. Amongst the best-rated Elizabeth Scarborough books.

The Harem of Aman Akbar


Rasa Ulliovna

Another entry in our Elizabeth Scarborough book reviews is The Harem of Aman Akbar that was published in the year of 1984, more than thirty-five years ago.

Rasa Ulliovna, the intense daughter, third born, of a tribal chieftain, was stolen away by a genie so as to become the bride of Aman Akbar. Aman is the lord of the faraway land named Kharristan.

Second Thoughts

This fate for the young dame was a truly detestable one, at least when looked on as a prospect. However, once she sees the kind, gentle look in the deep eyes of Aman, along with his tender touch, second thoughts might be forming. The story twists several times, leading way for a highly enjoyable read.

Fairly Feminist

In spite of what the title might imply, the story is quite the feminist one. Surely, it isn’t up to date with today’s feminist intentions and missions, but as an early precursor to the movement, it shines quite a bit. The greatest part of the women are heroes, even saviors. The men, however, are oftentimes cruel or immature.

Princess Saves Herself

The novel is a proper dedication to the feminist friends of Scarborough, as the novel subverts the usual tropes of rescuing the princess. Here, the princesses save themselves. Endlessly colorful and vibrant, the read is indispensable for anyone interested in Scarborough’s fiction. Truly one of the best-selling Elizabeth Scarborough books.

Tibet Book Series


Short Series

Another series from the mighty penmanship of Scarborough, Tibet is her shortest, of all. It only contains two books, but both are just so good.

The books are:

  1. Nothing Sacred, published in 1991.
  2. Last Refuge, published in 1992.

Nothing Sacred

Nothing Sacred is a superb book. A proper fantasy and sci-fi mash-up, a step away from the usual way of her writing.

We follow Viveka Jeg Vanachek. Viveka is a girl living in the 21st century. She has a great number of qualifications. What she doesn’t have, though, is a job. She has only one single choice, and that choice is to join the army. Her very first mission, however, doesn’t go nicely, and she is shot down. After this, the life of Viveka will never be the same as before.

Weird Activities

Viveka is taken to a camp situated in some of the highest of high mountains of Tibet. Unusual things occur in the camp, or at least that’s what the rumors speak. There are prisoners in the camp that are unable to remember how long they haven’t been down the mountain. Some work on rebuilding the camp, while others translate certain odd documents in the ancient ruins hiding the camp from the outside.

Viveka, however, begins dreaming. She dreams of monks, of songs, of ruins brimming with people, hundreds, even. While this is going on, the war outside intensifies and the ferocity of reality is too palpable for the gentle personality of Viveka, or is it?

Last Refuge

In the second book, the war has ended. Now, outside of the secret camp that is hidden in the Himalayas, the chaotic effects caused by the nuclear war are close to having dissipated, but a tragedy, wholly novel, arises. Infants are now being born, but their souls are missing.

The duo of books explores the impacts that war and its aftermath have on humanity, though the prevalent sci-fi themes make it infinitely more enjoyable. Another novel that is sure to interest readers that fancy Scarborough’s writing and is Elizabeth Scarborough’s best book is the following – The Lady in the Loch.

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