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Eon Book Review (2021)

Greg Bear

In this review of Eon, we introduce you to the brilliant author of the Eon Trilogy, Greg Bear. Known for his marvelous Sci-fi stories, Greg has figured out how to use his imagination to the fullest in order to come up with the most memorable adventures and characters. You can learn more about Greg’s work in our review of The Way review.

The Way Series

Having written over 50 thrilling books, most of which come in many parts because the story tends to be very complex with many characters and spans over many years, Bear sure has established quite a nice reputation for his fiction stories. For more of his fiction stories, take a look at our review of Eternity book.

Eon Book

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21st Century

That’s a good thing, however, as his fans always have something to read and enjoy from Greg. Without further ado, we present our thoughts in this book review of Eon by Greg Bear. For more information, you can find this book in our selection of the best books by Greg Bear, too.

Unlike many other Sci-fi stories that tend to focus on distant futures where humanity has evolved with tons of new and incredible tech, this book focuses on the 21st century. It’s all as normal as it seems, but humanity is in grave danger and so close to starting a nuclear war that can wipe out every living thing.

Out of Nowhere

Everything leads to the inevitable future of war until out of nowhere, a 300-kilometer stone drops out of the sky and hits Earth. NASA, the UN, NATO immediately send researchers, scientists, explorers to find out what this thing is exactly and does it pose a threat to Earth.

Luckily, this new situation makes everyone put the war on hold as they start discovering some amazing and unbelievable secrets from this stone that are just simply nothing anyone has ever seen before.


Researchers start coming to some conclusions such as that the stone was from outer space, but not clear whether it was our space, that it was from the future, but not clear which future, and then comes the biggest revelation of all. Inside the stone, there was the hollow area of Thistledown. Thistledown is the remains of a dead civilization that, to everyone’s surprise, was a human civilization that spoke English, Russian, and Chinese.

As they dive deeper into this great mysterious place, they find seven different chambers that held entire forests, lakes, long rivers, hanging cities, and more astonishing discoveries. 

Frightening Discovery

Another remarkable and frightening discovery was hidden in this rock and that was a museum that held dark secrets of wars that were coming, long and terrible winters would be upon everyone soon, and while everyone was trying to figure out what to do with this information, one final secret is unraveled from this thing that just made everything so insignificant that it baffled everyone. That’s enough for the review of Eon book, but the story continues with many exciting adventures.

Exciting World

You will find that the book review of Eon is more than enough information to get you introduced to this exciting world of such amazing mysteries that no one can resist. Be sure to see what happens in this and the next parts of this story for yourself.

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