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Eternity Book Review (2021)

The Way Series

Eternity is the second book from The Way series by the science fiction mastermind Greg Bear. Greg often tends to make his exciting adventure stories into series because he simply has too much to tell about them and they cannot be fit into one book.

Greg Bear

That’s definitely a plus for his fans as they always want more content from Greg and his stories are a wonderful way to let your imagination go in the fantasy worlds he creates and with the unique and exciting characters in them. Have a look at our book review of Eternity so you can find out what the book is about and what to expect from it. For more information about Greg’s work, check out our selection of the best Greg Bear books.

Eternity Book

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Patricia Vasquez

In this sequel to Eon book, the story goes on from the city of Thistledown and the Death that it predicted for Earth. After the great Death that consumes the planet, the people spend the next thirty years aiding and healing the survived population of the Earth.

As situations develop in this part of the story with the government of Hexamon being slowly depleted of its resources, we travel to a parallel version of the Earth called Gaia, where we meet again one of the main characters from Eon, the mathematician Patricia Vasquez.

Ever-Present Death

Patricia eventually dies of old age, but the tragic fact remains which is that she never found a version of her home where the Death didn’t happen, where it didn’t cause so many to die and so much to be destroyed, and most importantly, one where her loved ones were still alive and well.


However, her world Gaia was one where Alexander the Great didn’t die tragically at a young age and his empire never plummeted after his death. As this book review of Eternity progresses, you meet Rhita, Patricia’s granddaughter who appears to have inherited her grandmother’s gifts and was left with her artifacts from other worlds.

Ser Olmy

In addition, we get to know more about other interesting characters such as Ser Olmy who has three concerns on his mind like the growth of his son, the inevitable possibility of the reopening of the Way, and maybe the biggest one of these which is the consequence that follows for the fact that an old friend of his had shared a dark secret with him that he knew of an old Jart whose body died but his mind was uploaded somewhere.

Tons of Excitement

This is the mere beginning of this mysterious story as there are tons of thrilling happenings that await you in the next pages which we do not have time to cover all in this Eternity book review. Rest assured that this novel by Greg Bear has tons of excitement in stored for the readers.

A Bit Weird

The world of this novel called Eternity by Greg is definitely a weird one as it has plenty of unsolved mysteries that capture anyone’s attention. We hope we captured yours in our Eternity book review and know that the story continues on in the third and final book of The Way series with even more mysteries and thrilling adventures.

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