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The Exile Kiss Book Review (2021)

Marid Audran Series

The Exile Kiss is the last novel in the three-book series by George Alec Effinger, called Marid Audran. There was actually going to be a fourth book of the series, but unfortunately, George died right after he had started writing the fourth one.

George Alec Effinger

As for George himself, he was a well-appreciated science fiction writer that has proven to write quite the well thought out stories in even more carefully created worlds of his imagination. This book tells the story that follows from the previous two books, When Gravity Fails and A Fire in the Sun, and our book review of The Exile Kiss will show you what this book holds and how it all ends.

The Exile Kiss Book

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Marid Audran

As the story starts, you read about a character from the previous books, the one and only Marid Audran. His long and hard work, hustling the streets, has finally paid off and now he is doing relatively well for himself by working as a crime honcho for one of the most feared men in the Arabian city of Maghreb. The story of this last book in the Marid Audran book series focuses mainly on Marid himself and his boss, Friedlander Bey.


Bey is considered to be one of the most powerful men in this interesting futuristic city and, unfortunately for both him and Marid, Bey has been set up by his very hated rival, Shaykh Reda Abu Adil. As a result of this event, Bey and Marid are now exiled from this city, never to return again, and eventually to die in the vast and cruel Arabian desert. Their mission is set, to find a way to return to the great city in which they had, and still have, a big lot of power.

Bani Salim Tribe

Now, this book review talks about their journey outside of this Arabian city as they meet the Bani Salim tribe who help them and rescue them from this desert that can take a life very easily. For more amazing books written by this talented author, take a look at our list of the best George Alec Effinger books.

At this point in the book, you might be thinking that the main plot is this, their time with the Bani Salim tribe and the events that happen here. But, not really as the next part of the book is mainly focused on Bey’s criminal dealings as he still has some power in the city, in every corner, and with the law.

It Gets Interesting

It definitely gets interesting here as you read about their journey and all of the things these characters have to plan in order for them to succeed in their quest.

One more thing that we need to mention in this book review of The Exile Kiss is that the ending did catch up pretty quickly, but the main reason for that might have been that, as we mentioned before,

George was planning on surprising his fans with another, fourth, book of the series. However, it’s still a pretty fun series that is very engaging with readers who enjoy the works of George Alec Effinger.

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