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Fallen Too Far Book Review (2021)

Abigail Potts

Abigail Potts, or as she is known in the writing world Abbi Glines, was born on the 16th of April, 1977, Birmingham, Alabama, United States of America. Abbi is a prominent American author, primarily of New Adult novels, but sometimes of Young Adult works, too.

Abbi has been featured on USA Today, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal bestselling lists more than once and her writing is, as fans are eager to attest, of a great quality.

Fallen Too Far Book

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Life and Career

The novel of Abbi’s that is regarded as her breakthrough novel was her Fallen Too Far book. She self-published it as an eBook and as a traditional paperback. The novel was focused on the New Adult fiction lovers, while subsequent books in the series were tailored more towards the younger audiences, in spite of the fact that it abounds with explicit content. Another series that Abbi has self-published is her The Vincent Boys, a Young Adult novel.

Abbi Glines married Britt Sullivan in the year of 2020. Glines has four children and they are Keith Austin Glines Jr., Ava Sophia Glines, Rebecca Annabelle Glines, and Emerson Pearce Sullivan. With all of this carefully noted, we can now give our book review.

Rosemary Beach Series

This is definitely one of the best works to have come from the talented mind and exceptional quill of authoress Abbi Glines. It is a part of her wider Rosemary Beach series, which in and of itself contains the Too Far series, the Perfection series, and the Chance series; it contains a total of thirteen works, while the smaller Too Far series, to which Fallen Too Far is the first novel, is consisted of four novels, in total. The novel Far was published in the year of 2012.

The story follows the main character, Blaire. Blaire is fairly young. Blaire has very recently high-tailed her hometown with only a few things in her possession. These things include no more than twenty bucks, her truck, and a marked sense of sadness, loneliness, and emptiness.

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

The mother of Blaire died a little while ago and Blaire moved here because she has nowhere else to go but to the man that left her and her mother years ago. Blaire had been tending to her mother and taking careful care of her for the past three or so years, so that she has no one else in her life left.

It’s a singularly poignant and infuriating thing to have to depend and hinge on a person you seem to loath as much as Blaire resents her runaway father. Nevertheless, Blaire has nothing left but to comply and she drives up to the address that she was given.

Rush Finlay

Upon her arrival, she is in for a marked surprise. With the force of a fearsome and menacing gust of wind, a person treads into Blaire’s mundane, troubled life. Rush Finlay enters the frame of Blaire’s life. Blaire instantly sees that he is a very attractive, alluring, young man. His step-father, as Blaire soon learns is a wealthy man and an occasional womanizer. In fact, his step-father is Blaire’s real father.

The first encounter between Rush and Blaire doesn’t spell out a bright future as far as first encounters do, but things are liable to change, without a doubt. Rush’s stepdad and mother are away on vacation, in Paris at the precise moment.

Place For Herself

Rush lets Blaire to come in and make herself at home insofar as such a thing is possible before the tumultuous return of the parents is made. Her room is a really small one, located beneath the stairs a la Harry Potter. Blaire sees that she is not regarded as welcomed in this home. She resolves to find a job so that she can find a place for herself.

Moving On

She doesn’t beat around the bush much and is happy to get any job at all. The first opportunity that presents itself for Blaire, she immediately jumps at it. Blaire doesn’t want to wallow in her own self-pity, but has intentions to make her life her own and not to depend on anyone at all. With time, though, in spite of the brash attitude of Rush and her own unwillingness about him, the two of them build a genuine attraction between them.

A lot of things are happening, though, and Blaire isn’t a stranger to the notion that this won’t have a lasting effect. She doesn’t want any secret to end up hurting her more than it needs to; though, the reader will attest to the fact that everyone knows of this secret except for Blaire.

Absorbing Story

The story is without a doubt a candidly interesting, fascinating, and absorbing read that doesn’t let up from the moment that you buy the book and set it on your shelf until the moment that you close it and set it back to collect dust – though, this one will surely be repellant to dust seeing as how steaming and sizzling the story is.

The characters are ones that make the story an entrancing one and there can be no mistake about the storytelling prowess of Abbi. Truly one of the most important New Adult romances of our time. Our book review of Fallen Too Far surely says enough about how great the novel truly is.

There’s More

The Rosemary Beach series has a lot more stories to tell, so be sure to check them out in your first opportunity!

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