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Floating Worlds Book Review (2021)

Cecilia Holland

Floating Worlds is a science fiction novel by author Cecilia Holland in which the main plot involves a war between planets.

New Breed

The inhabitants of the planets are human, but the Gas Planets are populated by a new breed of human that proves deadlier than ever. This book review of Floating Worlds explains what to expect from this science fiction novel by author Cecilia Holland.

Floating Worlds Book

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Distant Future

First, Cecilia describes the Earth in her epic world. It is 2000 years in the future and at this time Earth is no longer habitable by anything because pollution has caused so much irreversible damage that has made the humans flee and live on other planets and the only way you could stay on earth is in the special biodomes in which only the richest can afford to stay.

Now they inhabit Mars, the Moon, and Venus. The Machiavellian Committee for the Revolution is trying to sort out every dispute as society has gone into anarchy. All of these planets belong to the Middle Planets.

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Gas Planets

As we mentioned above in this book review of Floating Worlds, there is another kind of planet, the Gas Planets on which now a new and violent breed of humans has somehow evolved and this could only mean nothing else but trouble for the Middle Planets.

Before any war or fighting starts, you meet a character in the book that tries to sort everything out and make peace with these inhabitants of the Gas Planets. Her name is Paula Mendoza and she is a brave and fearless agent of the Committee.


Mendoza becomes the official negotiator that is tasked with making peace with the Gas Planets before things get even more out of order. But, as the story progresses, you find out in our Floating Worlds book review that nothing goes as planned and the slight balance and order that they already had becomes destroyed and things quickly fall down into chaos as these two sides do not decide to get along.


The side known as the Gas Planets are actually populated by this breed of humans that call themselves the Styths and they populate the further planets in the Solar System like Saturn and Uranus. One of the reasons for the chaos that is about to come is because the Styths have become very hostile as they launch merciless pirate raids on ships from the planet Mars.

A few things that we feel the need to mention about these hostile Styths is that they are a bit of savages who treat women like animals and are very sexist creatures. A race with which no negotiation could ever be possible and the only way they know how to resolve things is with force.


They start to constantly raid ships from the middle planets and take everyone they capture as slaves. This story just keeps going as the book is around 600 pages long which gives it plenty of space to fully explain the events that are happening inside.

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