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Fractal Paisleys Book Review (2021)

Paul Di Filippo

Fractal Paisleys is a collection of ten short stories by the widely acclaimed science fiction writer of 100s of short stories Paul Di Filippo, that talk about many topics. This kind of book is not uncommon from Di Filippo as he is the author of the widely known short story collections.

Ribofunk, Little Doors, The Emperor of Gondwanaland and Destroy All Brains are one of his rarest collections. Many of these collections hold a few short stories that are only published in the collection and never individually.

Fractal Paisleys Book

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Not Anywhere Else

This way, fans of Paul’s have a bigger reason to read the whole collection and find out about some new work from him that is not available anywhere else except in the collection itself. This one holds two of those types of stories that are as exciting as any other by Paul Di Filippo. For more of his stories, check out our selection of the best Paul Di Filippo books!

Ten Stories

In this book review of Fractal Paisleys, we will talk about some of the ten stories that are placed in this collection and what fun adventures they hold. Most of Paul’s work is in this short story from, humoristic as no other, filled with science fiction adventures that encounter lots of highly advanced technologies, weird and crazy characters, strange worlds, and unimaginable alternate realities.

Tracey Thorne-Smith

A few examples include the story of a bartender named Tracey Thorne-Smith and her boyfriend who doesn’t have a job and just hangs around, Jay Dee. You might be wondering how a story of a bartender and her unemployed boyfriend is any exciting.

Well, their story is written by Di Filippo which is the reason for a very unlikely event that happens to them which is when they accidentally run over a time traveler and obtain his out of this world tech. This tech is so highly advanced that it does things never seen before.

Lennon Spex

That’s just one of the ten stories and all of them talk about things such as this that are very surprising and out of the ordinary. Another story, called Lennon Spex which is actually an award-nominated one that tells the story of when the author buys a pair of glasses that previously belonged to the Beatles and discovers that these glasses have the power to give the wearer the ability to see what will happen between certain human relationships.

Vivid Imagination

You can imagine what fun the rest of the tale holds in that short story. Another one worthy of mentioning in our Fractal Paisleys book review is the story of Master Blaster and Whammer Jammer Meet the Groove Thang where what Paul describes as two brainless and idiotic dopes come across an alien pet that has the ability to alter a person’s moods and it’s just exciting pages from thereon. If you like this article, you might be interested in our Joe’s Liver book review as well.

Absolute Thrill

You will definitely find that many of Paul’s stories have the same flare of thrilling reading material as you always get to meet new characters with all kinds of special abilities, different and unique worlds that make no sense but sound pretty great, and many more exciting adventures as you can see from the  ones in this book review of Fractal Paisleys.

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