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Frames Per Second Book Review (2021)

Bill Eidson

This modern story is the work by popular thriller freelance writer Bill Eidson. He has established quite a reputation in writing these kinds of stories that bring excitement to his fans every time he announces a new book. For example, you should definitely check out our One Bad Thing book review.

Packed With Action

In this book review of Frames Per Second, you find out what kind of story has he written this time and what thrill will it bring to his fans. It is a story that involves mystery, romance, action, huge twists, and a lot of deceit.

Frames Per Second Book

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Important Characters

You will get to meet a few of the most important characters from the book in our review of Frames Per Second as they will guide you through this journey that holds many dangers.

The plot itself tells the  story of a high-profile news photographer who lives in Boston and gets himself into quite the assignment of his own choosing. His name is Ben Harris and this photographer is very good at his job, but as a result of that is bad at being the perfect husband to his wife and the perfect father to his children.


Working hard for the popular magazine called Insider, his work has caused Ben to lose his wife with a marriage that ends with a divorce. He is left alone and sad with his children while his wife, on the other hand, quickly recovers from this divorce and ends up marrying Ben’s boss, Kurt Tattinger. What a twist, huh?

Death of a Partner

Now, you might get the idea from this Frames Per Second book review that this divorce will turn out to be the main plot of the story, but that isn’t even close. As the story tricks you into thinking that Ben will become depressed after this event, you find out that he doesn’t have time for that as his very close friend, and partner is suddenly killed by a bomb that was set up in one of their camera cases. The reason for this killing is that Ben’s partner was involved in investigating a story about some dangerous criminal activity.

New Partner

Now, Ben gets a new partner, his dead partner’s wife, a very talented reporter, she joins him in the search of finding this man’s killers and investigate the story along the way. You get to see quite the romance as well, as their relationship might just turn into a very romantic one.

Disturbing Facts

However, their primary goal is to find out who did this terrible thing to the man that they both cared about so much. They find out a lot of disturbing things along the way, such as tricks that involve mistaken identities, sexual blackmail, the involvement of the mob, assassins that are very much related to some cruel politics, and so much more.

You get to find out the very interesting ending that this book is equipped with as Bill has managed to make it a very good and thought out one indeed.

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