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Free at Last Book Review (2021)

Amazing Records

Free at Last is a book that no civil war historian should be without as it holds so much useful information about times like that. It has more than 600 pages worth of knowledge, everything from letters, transcripts, personal testimonies, and other records have been used and added to this book to make it filled with the valuable content that it currently has.

Ira Berlin

A few people actually made this book possible, the main one is author Ira Berlin and with the help of a few editors such as Steven Miller and Barbara Jeanne Fields, together they have made one of the best civil war books for students and they explain a powerful story about the slave situation that was currently present at that time.

Free at Last Book

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Struggle to Overthrow Slavery

In this book review of Free at Last, you get to read and find out about the times when most black people were slaves even from their births and how these black men and women struggled to overpower the slave system in the middle of the American Civil War that was tearing the country apart.

This might be the perfect historical documentary to teach you about those hard times that countless people had to suffer and survive through as the content you read inside is collected by what many survivors had seen in those times.

Fight for Freedom

You read about the lives and struggles of these people who had no other choice but to fight for their freedom and attempt to overpower the slave system and be finally free from the long and hard misery. They also intend to aid the Union in the battle that is proving to kill more and more innocence every day.

Ira Berlin, the author of this book, is a Bancroft Prize-winning historian who has spent countless hours researching and making it her life’s mission to convince the people to have a new perspective towards the lives of the African Americans and how hard it truly was for innocent people to live and be born in slavery. You are definitely going to have fun reading about the hard process of achieving freedom if you find what you see in this Free at Last book review appealing.

Different Perspectives

The book is around 600 pages long and you have plenty of pages to get to know everyone inside better and to connect with the trouble and danger that the people faced.

You read about a fight that was meant to help the Union win as it turns into a fight for freedom and a fight that will prove to end slavery once and for all. The authors have heard the story over and over again but from different perspectives, as they finally write this masterpiece that proves to be like no other.

The reason that it matches the truth is because they have heard the story from slaves, defeated slave owners, from the innocent civilians and soldiers that were in the middle of everything, and from Northerners and Southerners alike.

Education and Thrilling

If you enjoy reading books about civil wars and battles for freedom of innocent people and slaves, then this book is definitely for you as it does pack a lot of action and, on top of that, proves to be very educational about one of the biggest and most influential events that have happened in America and in the world.

If you like what you have read so far in this Free at Last book review, then be sure to check out the full and original book for yourself and find out how all of the events take place.

Michael Englert
Michael Englert
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