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Gather, Darkness! Book Review (2021)

Fritz Leiber

Fritz Leiber writes another one of his popular science fiction classics. This time he talks about a world so devastated by what war has done to it that now it is even worse than when the war started.

You get to meet a few special characters inside that are going to guide you through the story as you read. This book review of Gather, Darkness! will make sure you understand everything that is important about the book.

Gather, Darkness! Book

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Armon Jarles

Armon Jarles is the character that will be present throughout the story as he finds himself in the middle of a fight between two rival powers that are taking down everything they encounter. We also wrote an article about another amazing book written by Leiber, just take a look at our Day Dark, Night Bright book review.

Turn for the Worse

The time is 360 years after a devastating nuclear war left the entire world changed forever. Nothing is as it was before and you would think that event after 3 and a half centuries something would have gotten better.

But the opposite happens as things only seem to get worse as society is still in the dark ages after this nuclear holocaust and now there are new rulers over humanity, the techno-priests of the Great God. They are able to rule thanks to their knowledge of science that has been lost to humanity after everything that has happened.


Now you learn a bit more about the main character, Jarles, in this book review of Gather, Darkness!. He was initially a peasant, but through hard work and by proving himself that he is worthy, he has risen up the ranks of techno-priests to become a priest of the Great God.

Although he is doing way better than the human slaves are, he doesn’t believe for one second what these techno-priests stand for. He knows that what these priests propagate is all fake, they are frauds, and most of what they do is illusions or trickery. The humans do not know this and because of that they never rise up against them out of fear.


After a while, Jarles decides that he can stand this no more and tries to inspire the human peasants to rise up and fight for freedom. A task that proves difficult and seems unsuccessful to him.

Before he loses all hope, Jarles discovers that he is not the only one who is trying to end the rule of the techno-priests of the Great God and he soon finds himself in the middle of the greatest war that he has ever witnessed. Another power rises that has been gathering strength in the shadows and unfolds itself after finally becoming ready to take on these frauds and end their slavery once and for all.


Hopefully, after reading our Gather, Darkness! book review, you find the contents exciting and will want to take a look at the book for yourself. It is definitely one of Fritz Leiber’s better works as the story he tells is well narrated and shown through the eyes of Armon Jarles. If you enjoy this article, we suggest reading our Smoke Ghost & Other Apparitions book review and Swords Against the Shadowlands book review. Those books are wonderful novels written by no other than Fritz Leiber.

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