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The Genesis Quest Book Review (2021)

Donald Moffitt

This is a book for science fiction fans as it has been written by an experienced author who has been writing science fiction stories for more than 20 years.

Donald Moffitt is the author of this novel, you might not know him by this name as he has used plenty of other pen names before. His first full-length novel to ever be released by his original name was The Jupiter Theft in 1977.

The Genesis Quest Book

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The Genesis Quest Series

What you get to read in this novel is an interesting story about a planet far from Earth that is actually more connected to Earth than it seems, as you will find out all about it from this book review of The Genesis Quest.


A planet called Nar, millions of miles separated from Earth is up to something that has Earth in the middle of it. The scientists of Nar are doing everything they can to study Earth from afar, learning humanity’s every move, studying human behavior and cultures, and eventually, they understand everything about humans that they need to and the secrets of human life that will definitely be of great use for their next move in the master plan.

Their plan is to recreate humans, make so many of them that will be used for a purpose that will be revealed in our book review of The Genesis Quest. Their, so-called pets, will serve a great purpose to the inhabitants of the planet Nar which is to evolve withing the vast alien community and they are the perfect thing to use since they are not their own kind and are very expendable.

Artificial Life

They are artificially created life that has many benefits and lives freely among the others, but there is just one catch, they cannot go or look, or do simply anything that is related to the forbidden planet, Earth.

They are prohibited from learning anything about the place that so resembles their home and which they originally come from, so the people of Nar want to make sure they stay as far away from the truth as possible so that they do not start having any crazy ideas.


As we introduce you to a pretty special character from The Genesis Quest book, Bram, one of the pets of Nar that has always wanted to visit this forbidden planet and learn all there is about it. He is devoted to this quest of traveling to the planet of his species and learning what is it that makes this planet so special and why they cannot know much about it.

You will have to find out for yourself if Bram fulfills this quest and if he gets the answers he has been looking for so long. If you found what you saw in this book review of The Genesis Quest interesting, then have a look at what the full book offers and if the story meets your expectations.

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