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Geodesica: Ascent Book Review (2021)

Sean Williams

Geodesica: Ascent is the first book of three that are written by the Australian author Sean Williams. He specializes in writing thrilling sci-fi stories that always leave the readers wanting more, that’s why most of his books always have more parts to come. You can find out more about the second book in our Geodesica: Descent book review.

Exciting Worlds

Another popular book series trilogy from Sean is The Orphans Trilogy and it definitely made sure we know what awesome stuff to expect from Williams as he does know how to create exciting worlds filled with extraordinary characters. Enough about Sean, let’s take a look at the book review of Geodesica: Ascent.

Geodesica: Ascent Book

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We travel to a future world in the year of 2388 where the human race has expanded their reach to the stars, far from our home planet Earth and into the vast universe that holds many secrets and wonders.


In this story, Sean has done a wonderful job of describing the new worlds that are visited, the complex nanotechnologies, the Artificial Intelligence created by humans, and the vicious battles that are fought. We meet an AI post-human species called Exarchs who control most of the showed space and have laid out strict rules that all need to follow.

These guys have most of the power thanks to their domination and control over the technology that brings many benefits thanks to its ability to travel faster than light. That’s something everyone strives for in the world of Geodesica, and whoever controls it can control a lot.

Not Alone

Everything seems to go smoot so far, the system that the humans have set is working out for everyone until they find out that they aren’t the only race who have mastered space travel and discover an alien artifact, called Geodesica, that has the irreplaceable ability to offer transport between systems.

This becomes a huge threat to the Exarchs as they fear this is more powerful tech than their own. At first, in order to avoid battles and deaths, the amazing leader Melilah Awad proposes terms of an alliance in order to unlock the frightening secrets of the Geodesica along with the astonishing pilot of the VOIDship and Melilah’s lover Palmer Eogan.

Horrifying Secrets

Together, they start their journey only to find out horrifying secrets that could mean the eventual doom of everything they know, human or not, everything could be in danger from the secrets they uncover about this mysterious technology called Geodesica.

We made sure not to give out too much of the novel in our review of Geodesica: Ascent book, but one thing we can promise is that if you are a fan of sci-fi and amazing never heard before technologies, aliens, characters that have special abilities, impending doom stories, then you will have no trouble reading through this one and jumping immediately to the next two series of Geodesica.

There’s More

Sean Williams made sure to leave his fans wanting more from the story of Geodesica as he doesn’t end everything here, the next two novels bring a lot more excitement, new characters, new threats, new worlds, so many new things that we didn’t have time to mention in our review of Geodesica: Ascent.

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