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Geodesica: Descent Book Review (2021)

Sean Williams

Sean Williams is the author of this book and writer of many more science fiction novels that hold complex and interesting stories, some of which span in many parts as a series.

Geodesica Series

This particular novel is the second and final novel of the two-part book series called Geodesica. The first book in this series by Sean is called Geodesica: Ascent where much of the story you read about in this one is started in that first book.

Geodesica: Descent Book

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Conclusion of Battles

It is very recommended by us in this book review of Geodesica: Descent and by the author himself, that you read the first book before this one if you wish to grasp the full concept of the story and to make sure that you keep track of everything that is about to happen in this story.

As we start our book review of Geodesica: Descent you continue the story after some events of Geodesica: Ascent and start to witness the plot unfolding pretty quickly. Another thing that you read about in this book is the conclusion of the story and the battles that started in the first book. The epic and exciting space adventures that revolved around an ancient alien labyrinth called geodesic.

Exciting Storyline

In the story of Geodesica: Descent, a pretty exciting story lies ahead of you, filled with tons of exciting battles and even more interesting characters that decide what happens with the outcome of the book.

Some of those interesting characters are three unlikely allies who gather and devise a plan for taking revenge upon the artificial intelligence that was responsible for the destruction of the system of Bedlam. As that happens, a stupendous battle emerges for the control of the ancient labyrinth of Geodesica.

Brutal Fight

The fight for this Geodesica is very brutal because whoever controls Geodesica has the power to control the universe. This epic battle becomes even more interesting as you see the beloved characters of the series get entangled in the plot yet again.

You read about the human rebel Melilah Awad who has the courage to go deeper into the world and maze of Geodesica than anyone has ever gone, in search of secrets that will help everyone better understand this ancient and mystical labyrinth.

Isaac Forge Deangelis

Then there is Isaac Forge Deangelis, he is a former Exarch of Bedlam and the current guardian of Geodesica. He will do almost anything to see the Archon defeated. Another character you get to read about in this book is pilot Palmer Horsfall, who risks her notisoihuman life to avenge the death of her beloved sister.

Only Two Parts

There are definitely tons of exciting things you get to read about in this book as you can see from our review of Geodesica: Descent book. You might actually feel sad that this book ends in just two parts, but sometimes that is just part of writing an interesting story. There is no point in ruining a genuine and unique story just for the purpose of writing new parts of the series.

Robert Hazley
Robert Hazley
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