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3 Best George Zebrowski Books (2021)

Best George Zebrowski Books ReviewBio

George Zebrowski was born on the 28th of December, 1945, in Villach, Austria. Zebrowski is a very famous American science fiction writer, having written a wide array of books, but has also dabbled in the field of editing.

While he has written a number of books, Zebrowski has edited even more books, in fact. He was, after all, at one point the editor of the Bulletin of the Science Fiction Writers of America.


In 1999, Zebrowski was the recipient of the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for the novel Brute Orbits. While Zebrowski never received the award, he was nominated on three separate occasions for the Nebula Award; his thee short stories, Heathen God, The Eichmann Variations, and Wound the Wind were the ones nominated for the aforenamed prize.

Best George Zebrowski Books

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Macrolife Series 8.24/10 658 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Omega Point Trilogy 8.16/10 282 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Brute Orbits 8.08/10 328 Pages Check Price On Amazon


At the present time, Zebrowski is seventy-four-years-old and lives along with fellow author Pamela Sargent. The duo has written quite a few books together, too, including the famous Star Trek novels. With all that said, we can now take a deeper look at what the best George Zebrowski books are.

Macrolife Book Series


Intriguing Series

George Zebrowski’s Macrolife series is one of his most intriguing, to date. It is actually duology, whose books were published two decades apart. The books that comprise the series are the following:

  1. Macrolife: A Mobile Utopia, published in 1979.
  2. Cave of Stars, published in 1999.


Starting out in 2021, George conveys the interesting story of an economy based on the space between Earth and the Sun. In fact, the Moon, Mars, and Ganymede, a satellite of Jupiter, have been colonized. An asteroid – which had been hollowed out in due time – sized about ten by five miles, named Asterdome, goes about the solar system so as to carry out important research on the premise of science. This would, one day, become the very first form of Macrolife.


It is evident that the first section is made so as to ease the reader into a world that is not all that different from the previous, a relatable one, but also a world where a calamity is on the horizon. When the portent comes true, the planet is in ruins, with most humans not residing on Earth anymore. Where most of humanity becomes centered in is the Asterdome.

Distant Future

We flash forward more than 900 years to the 3000th year, where the notion of Macrolife is commonplace. Macrolife encapsulates any number of self-sustaining, independent colonies of a certain species or race. We even see how small-scale macrolives come to be and how they begin with their work. The novel’s meditative, brooding air is a trademark Zebrowski, in full effect. By and large, these two may be the best books by George Zebrowski.

The Omega Point Book Series



The Omega Point Series is another wonderful series from the masterful mind of George Zebrowski. The series is comprised of three books, which are the following:

  1. The Omega Point, published in 1973.
  2. Ashes and Stars, published in 2012.
  3. Mirror of Minds, published in 2012.

The superb, intriguing, and infinitely entrancing imagination of Zebrowski sees, perhaps, its peak in this trilogy. While a large portion of Zebrowski’s books bear the theme of humanity colonizing the stars, this one is probably his most acutely written. For more information, check out our Omega Point Trilogy review.

Myraa’s World

The year is 6,599 A. D. There was once a war between the Earth Federation and the Herculean Empire, but it has been over for the better part of the last three-hundred years. One planet in the Hercules Globular Caster was a cinder – a cinder is essentially a fragment from solidified lava. The descendants from the scarce Herculean-survivors lived on a planet named Myraa’s World, which is situated half a galaxy the other way. The setting of their planet is meant to be and is structured as a kind of religious commune.


However, if one were to prod deeper in the Hercules Globular Cluster, there are still some survivors. Two survivors, in this case, father and son are trying to gather as many resources as they feasibly can so as to put an end to the Earth Federation’s ruling and its worlds. They wish to restart the war that ended unfavorably for them so that they can destroy the same Earth that assailed them so.


The lady Myraa, however, does not have the same taste for wartime procedures. She, for one, has a vision of a world where there are not empires, and even less armies. The series, as a whole, is one of the best that Zebrowski has penned, yet. Science fiction at its finest.

Brute Orbits


Rocks and Orbits

Brute Orbits by Zebrowski is a standalone novel that was published in the year of 1999. The story involves the Rocks and the so-called long orbits.

In the future, one that might not be quite distant, the costs of correctional systems – prisons, detention centers, and the like – along with the plentiful criminals and lawbreakers have become excessive to the point that new ways to act against the influx of crime are being thought up.

Mining the Asteroids

An asteroid passes by the earth, narrowly missing the planet, but it has come close enough to let the Earthlings catch it so as to mine it for precious resources. While this was the first, many such asteroids coming near the Earth were captured and subsequently mined.

An idea, at the time thought to be brilliant, came to the people to move prisons to the moon and then even to these same asteroids. As such, the costs would be cut down severely and the spaces would be cleared for a more purposeful reason. Of course, governments soon began to think that if they are not directly affected by the faraway prisons, the problem no longer persists.

Ghosts Remain

A larger group consisting of male prisoners, convicted for highly violent offenses, were the first to be sentenced. They were sent into a fifty-year orbit, at least officially. In truth, their orbit was not calculated properly and they are essentially sent away to die. However, the first asteroid does come back, fifty years, to the day, from its launch into space. Only ghosts persist on these rocks.

The Earth has developed a lot in the pursuit of bettering itself and doing away with prisons and such systems. When the rock is found, a team for investigation is sent to see what has become of the prisoners.

More Works

What follows shows that humanity has not progressed much, and soon the circumstances prove to be extremely dire. Possibly the best George Zebrowski book, to date. Stranger Suns, The Sunspacers Trilogy, and the Star Web, are other great Zebrowski books that might intrigue genre lovers.

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