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The Glasswrights’ Apprentice Book Review (2021)

Glasswright Series

This book is the first of a series that contains 5 fantasy novels. It is the book that starts the story of the Glasswrights, a guild that holds great honor among the royal family and you find out all about it from this book review of The Glasswirghts’ Apprentice.

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The Glasswirghts’ Apprentice Book

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Mindy Klasky

The author of this book and the entire series is Mindy Klasky, a writer who tells stories in a few different genres such as traditional fantasy, urban fantasy, and category romance. You can check some books of the series in our The Glasswrights’ Journeyman book review or The Glasswrights’ Master book review.

As Interesting As Possible

You will find that once Mindy starts a fantasy young adult fiction series like this, she tends to go all the way and make the stories as interesting as possible. Take a look at this book review of The Glasswrights’ Apprentice and find out how the story starts with this first book of the Glasswright book series.

The story starts with the introduction of one of the most important characters in this book, a 13-year- old girl named Rani Trader. You also get to meet her family, a typical family of merchants who doesn’t have much in life and want more for their daughter.

Honor and Respect

They sacrifice a lot they have in life so that they can buy their daughter, Rani, an apprenticeship to the Glasswrights’ Guild, a guild that offers high honor and respect for its members and a chance to be among the higher class in society and among the royal family. This position also offered a lot of future riches that Rani and her family could share, so overall, you could say that this is something everyone wanted.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

This where you read about the first major twist in the story from our The Glasswirghts’ Apprentice book review, everything starts to go very badly for Rani as she happens to find herself in the wrong place at just the wrong time.

She and her entire guild are blamed for the death of the Royal Prince and this is something that no amount of honor or class can make up for. After that, Rani is on the run, having no options, she can’t return to her family because she is being hunted for justice.

Clearing Her Name

In her quest to clear her name and find out who blamed her for this horrible act of crime, Rani manages to make allies with other smaller guilds in the kingdom, but nothing is as it seems as she can never truly trust anyone.

Horrible Truth

After a series of events, she finds out about a horrible truth that puts everything she cares about in danger, she discovers a secret and deadly brotherhood that has been hiding in the shadows while they perfect their sinister plan. It is a brotherhood that has a very dire intention, to assassinate and murder every single member of the royal family.

It’s up to you to find out what happens in the story after Rani discovers this terrible secret. Will she be able to save everyone, will she get caught, and how will the story continue in the sequel The Glasswrights’ Progress?

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