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The Glasswrights’ Master Book Review (2021)

Mindy Klasky

In this conclusion of the Glasswright book series by author Mindy Klasky, you learn how this epic fantasy story finally ends after five thrilling books that span in a period of a few years and describe a pretty awesome adventure. If you haven’t read the previous book, check out our The Glasswrights’ Test book review.

Glasswright Series

Our book review of The Glasswrights’ Master will make sure you know what to expect from the last book of the series and not spoil any critical moments in the novel.

The Glasswrights’ Master Book

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Rani Trader

Ever since the first book of the series, The Glasswrights’ Apprentice, we have witnessed the formation of the Glasswrights’ Guild, how the protagonist of the story, Rani Trader, got into the guild only to see it fall apart after false blame was thrown on it of killing the Royal Prince. You can find out, what happened in the second and the third books after that in our reviews of The Glasswrights’ Progress book and The Glasswrights’ Journeyman book review.

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Past Events

We have seen the near destruction of King Hal’s majestic city of Morenia by a huge fire that almost burned down the entire city and how the King was forced to marry an unattractive princess from a different kingdom. We can safely say in this book review of The Glasswrights’ Master that some pretty exciting and wondrous things have happened throughout the whole series of Glasswright.

Under Siege

Now, in the fifth and final book of the series, Mindy writes about another devastating event that is bringing more trouble to King Hal’s kingdom and to the heroine Rani Trader. The kingdom of Morenia is under siege by massive forces. A fleet of Liantine ships is blockading the harbor while a Briantan army surrounds the city.


Morenia’s army is not going down without a fight as they wait for the battering ram to break through the gates. This massive attack on Morenia is the result of traitors within the Kingdom that now have forced King Hal, his wife, and Rani Trader to evacuate the entire land through a hidden passage that is revealed to them by a Touched woman.

The Fellowship of Jair

You will find out from this review of The Glasswrights’ Master book that there are bigger things that play a part in this event as we reveal The Fellowship of Jair, a secret cabal of people that is present in every kingdom and bring destruction to those who oppose them, such as King Hal did.

Hidden Powers

The story also focuses a lot on Rani as she actually has hidden and strong powers that she hadn’t known about until now. Her journey to become a Glasswrights’ Master was a difficult and long one and she starts to believe that it was for nothing as she finds out that she has been manipulated for a long time.

Complicated Story

The story definitely gets complicated here, but Mindy has made sure to tie all the loose ends before the story is finished and has left nothing unresolved. We love her books so much, that we made for you a selection of the best Mindy Klasky books.

The story comes to its ending as Rani Trader must find the courage to face the ones who have manipulated her and to finally be able to discover what her true destiny is and to fulfill it, all of those things are cleared up as you finish the last book of a truly amazing series.

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