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The Glasswrights’ Progress Book Review (2021)

The Glasswright Book Series

This novel is the second book in author Mindy Klasky’s The Glasswright book series and the sequel to the first book of the series, The Glasswrights’ Apprentice.

Mindy Klasky

Mindy is a fantasy and young adult fiction author who never disappoints with her novels. There is always something interesting in her stories that keeps you going, the plots are always well thought out, and she never leaves loose ends in her series before they eventually end. You can learn more about her works in our selection of the 5 best Mindy Klasky books.

The Glasswrights’ Progress Book

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Rani Trader

You will find out exactly what we mean in this book review of The Glasswrights’ Progress and how the story continues in the second novel of the five-book series by Mindy Klasky. Mindy writes about Rani Trader again, a character that we met in the first book of the series, a heroic young girl who was blamed for a horrible crime that she did not commit and suffered the falling apart of her guild, The Glasswrights’ Guild.

Royal Palace

In this book, two years have passed since that horrible incident where many people were killed including the head of The Glasswrights’ Guild which leaves the guild with no leader at this time.

Rani has now moved into the royal palace as she has proven to be a worthy companion to the king and not at all a traitor as she was accused of and is now looking into the idea of rebuilding her guild and making it stronger than before.

Sin Hazar

Just as she starts planning this, a horrible event takes place as Rani has been kidnapped by a traitor within the royal palace, King Hal’s younger brother, called Bashi. He takes Rani to another land and presents her to the ruthless ruler there, a terrible, sick, demented man, called Sin Hazar.


Now that Rani is a prisoner of this evil King Sin Hazar, she learns of a terrible plot that he has been making to attack the kingdom of Morenia. He has been building an army of children which when you think about it, it’s hard to fight and kill children in a war, so this sick man would have an advantage in the battle to come.

Maybe the fact that Rani is in this terrible situation just might turn out to be a good thing because she makes a plan to convince the children to back away from the fight and that they do not need to risk their lives for a truly evil King who doesn’t care one bit about them.

Epic Story

We won’t spoil how the story turns out in this The Glasswrights’ Progress book review, but you will definitely have a good time finding out for yourself as you read the book since Mindy has created such an epic story that proves very exciting for fans of fantasy tales and young adult fiction.

If you find this one very exciting, then you are in luck because you have 3 more stories by the same author to go that are all part from the same series, so you can expect the same quality and excitement from the rest.

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