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The Glasswrights’ Test Book Review (2021)

Mindy Klasky

This is the fourth and next to last novel of The Glasswright book series by author Mindy Klasky. The series contains 5 books that tell a story which continues as you read the books from first to last. Be sure to check out our selection of the best Mindy Klasky books.

The Glasswright Series

If you haven’t read the previous books from the series, please do if you wish to understand what is going on in this novel because you won’t be familiar with most of the stuff that is happening.

The Glasswrights’ Test Book

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Rani Trader

You can learn more about the first book in our The Glasswrights’ Apprentice book review. If you are familiar with the first book, we covered the second one as well. Take a look at The Glasswrights’ Progress book review.

You won’t know the hero of the story Rani, you won’t know about her guild, The Glasswrights’ Guild, and you won’t know why she is being tested now as she wants to become a Glasswirghts’ Master. You will find out a little about those things in our book review of The Glasswrights’ Test, but we suggest you take a look at the whole series as one long book.

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The Glasswrights’ Guild

In order for you to know what is happening in the story of this fourth novel of the series, you need to understand that Rani Trader is a member of an honorable guild called The Glasswrights’ Guild which was disbanded some time ago because it was blamed for killing the Royal Prince way back in the first book. That’s who we recommend check out the previous book called The Glasswrights’ Journeyman.

A Lot Has Happened

A lot has happened since then in the following books, the whole city of Morenia was destroyed by a huge fire, Rani was just about to start rebuilding her guild after the whole assassination incident but she got kidnapped and a complicated plot took place in the second book.

Glasswrights’ Master

Now, let’s introduce the story of this The Glasswirghts’ Test book. This time, the story starts peacefully, Rani Trader is older now from when the series started when she was only 13 years old and she is finally taking the test to become something she had always wanted, a Glasswrights’ Master.

A Few Complications

But, the members of the guild haven’t forgotten about the time she betrayed them to clear her name when she was blamed for killing the Prince and for betraying the guild, so she has a few difficult tests ahead of her.  This quest takes her to another land called Brianta where she will have her skills tested by her former guild members.

She journeys with trusted friends and companions but is soon isolated from them and is stuck with the guild members. Long and boring hours of studying await her now and religious fanatics are all over her, making sure she is ready for this honorable title.

Fellowship of Jair

Things start to get a bit more complicated as Rani gets introduced to a secret society called the Fellowship of Jair. They challenge Rani to kill the Queen of Morenia and tell her a lie that would restore the Kingdom’s power.

But, Rani is not a fool and a little girl anymore, she suspects something about this society, something dark and dishonest which will lead to something devastating as you will see in the next and final book from the series called The Glasswrights’ Master.

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