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He Walked Among Us Book Review (2021)

Norman Spinrad

Norman Spinrad, a science fiction author who never forgets to put a dash of humor in his stories writes another one of his entertaining novels.

World Manipulation

In this one, Norman introduces a plot that spans globally as one character is trying to manipulate the whole world, but before you start hating on him, his intentions might not be so bad. Alongside this character, you get to meet a few unique ones who help him with this interesting idea of a quest as you will find out all about from this book review of He Walked Among Us.

He Walked Among Us Book

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Ralf the Comedian

What you get to read about in this novel is a plot that involves a form of media manipulation that might just be trying to save the world this time instead of tearing it apart for money. It’s time to introduce the main character of the story, a comedian named Ralf who is determined to save the planet from pollution and destructive global changes.

Other Characters

He has devised a plan that slowly might do the job he has set out to accomplish. He is not alone as we introduce the characters who aid him in our book review of He Walked Among Us, Dexter D. Lampkin who is a science fiction writer that has seen better days in his career, and a New Age guru wannabe called Amanda Robin.

From the Future

Ralf’s plan begins as he starts his long journey in the media by sending out a message to the public. He claims that he comes from the future, a horrible future where the air is no longer breathable, everything is in ruins, and the remaining survivors of this polluted Earth hide in abandoned shopping malls.

As we all know, when we first see things like this no one tends to believe them or give him a second thought, but his plan goes bigger than this. The way that he can manipulate the people through media is with a long term plan and after a while of sharing this message with the people, he starts seeing results.

Crazy Plan

Ralf might just be the last hope for this dying Earth and although his plan may be something so crazy that no one has ever done before, it might just be the only thing that can give humanity the last hope. Dexter and Amanda help him in this as they transform Ralf into a prophet that claims to be from the horrible future that awaits humanity if nothing is done on time.


There is one catch that we can share with you in this He Walked Among Us book review, Ralf actually never breaks character after a while of doing this and he starts to actually believe that he is a prophet from the future.

Be sure to see how all of this affects this character and how the story finally ends as you go further than this book review of He Walked Among Us and check the book out for yourself.

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