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Hegira Book Review (2021)

Greg Bear

When you see a science fiction book review like this review of Hegira, there is a chance that the book is from the master himself, Greg Bear. This author specializes in writing science fiction stories like non- other and has easily managed to even win a few awards for his thrilling work. If you want to learn more about it, check out our selection of the best Greg Bear books.

Exciting Novel

This novel is without a doubt, an exciting one as it features special and unique characters and a story that contains content about mythical times, artificial intelligence and artificial life, together, packed nicely in one very exciting tale full of adventure and wonder.

Hegira Book

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Full of Scientific Facts

As we start this book review of Hegira we feel the need to mention that this story is unbelievably well thought of with crazy scientific facts that make even the biggest sci-fi fans wonder how it all happens.

End of the Universe

Greg talks about a species of young humans who are being transported to an artificial environment because the Universe is finally about to end due to its rapid expansion. This event is called The Big Collapse, and this artificial environment is shielded from all existing reality with special force fields that make it possible for it to exist outside of anything, completely on its own.

The environment is way bigger than the Earth, it’s actually the size of the planet Jupiter, and it has enough space on its surface to house many different species.


Divided into various realms for each species, the human habitat of the environment contains obelisks, tall structures that contain the whole history and science of humankind which is written chronologically from bottom to top. Not everything is visible because in order to see the latest years of their history they have to climb very high and see the top of these obelisks.

Here comes the part about the characters in our review of Hegira as we meet the protagonist of the story who has to witness the fate of his loved one who is frozen in stasis.


Luckily for him, he learns that his beloved will be unfrozen if he completes a quest to travel to the walls of his habitat. Immediately accepting this, he does the same as he sees a tall obelisk, one mile high, that is about to fall, causing a huge tsunami that brings terrible destruction to a whole continent.

The bright side is that the obelisk has fallen and the entire human history has been revealed. A guardian of Hegira then shows up who has a very important talk with our protagonist as he finds out the complete history of humankind and is sent on another very important quest.

Complex Story

That’s the short version of the story presented in this Hegira book review, but the full story is far more complex and filled with exciting pages that go by quickly for the true fans of fantasy worlds and science fiction tales.

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