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Heirs of Earth Book Review (2021)

Sean Williams and Shane Dix

Following Sean Williams’ and Shane Dix’s stories of Echoes of Earth and then Orphans of Earth, they bring you the last book of The Orphans Trilogy, a book series by these two authors that is filled with a lot of science fiction excitement.

The Orphans Trilogy

This novel talks about the story after the events of the previous two books that end in the most unimaginable way possible that is sure to surprise all of the fans of the series and readers of Shane and Sean’s other novels. This review will make sure you know what to expect from the concluding book of The Orphans Trilogy by Sean Williams and Shane Dix.

Heirs of Earth Book

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Last Attempt

The last novel of the series talks about the last attempt from the humans that hopefully will result in their long-awaited rescue. After the destruction of Earth, the only home that humans had, completely destroyed and uninhabitable, has left a very few humans alive.

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In Between

Now, the very few that are left are caught between a brutal battle between the Spinners and the Starfish. The humans do have a few options but none of them seem that they will have high chances of survival as they face the option of running, but where, and for how long can they sustain themselves? Another option is to fight back, but given their scattered resources and small numbers, that option is yet again pointless.


Now, you learn a bit about both sides that battle in the magnificent story of this book. The Spinners are actually friends of the humans as they initially brought great gifts to humanity, but it was very soon after that those gifts resulted in great destruction and pain as we introduce the Starfish to you.

They came, bringing destruction in an attempt to destroy both the Spinners and humanity. The story progresses quickly as the Spinners lose their battle and are now gone, leaving the humans to try to defend themselves, alone, and with very little time on their hands, the humans try to form a plan that could possibly end their suffering once and for all and make sure that they are rid of the Starfish fleet that is coming to destroy them for good.


We also introduce you to a few characters from Heirs of Earth novel. You meet Caryl Hatzis and Peter Alander. They, together with their crew of very desperate survivors, come up with a plan that might just do the job of saving them.

You get one more spoiler from this review which is the reveal of their plan, they decide to take one very small ship that has the ability to sneak past the Starfish fleet and go right into the heart of it where they will try to destroy it. Will it work or not is up to you to find out in the book itself and see how this amazing Trilogy finally ends.

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