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To the High Redoubt Book Review (2021)


This novel is by the author Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. You might know her from her long 27 book series about the immortal vampire called Saint-Germain.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Chelsea is a very experienced author with many years of writing epic fantasy stories backing her up, she has managed to write over 80 books, more than three dozen essays, introductions, and reviews, as well as more than 70 editions of interesting short stories. We reviewed some of her books as standalone articles. Check out our Blood Games book review or Hôtel Transylvania book review.

To the High Redoubt Book

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She is a person who actually left college so that she can pursue a career in writing full time and has never looked back. This book review of To the High Redoubt will show you what the book is all about as well as introduce you to this brilliant author’s writing style. For more information about other books written by this amazing author, take a look at our selection of the best Chelsea Quinn Yarbro books.

Epic Fantasy Story

This novel is truly an epic fantasy story as Chelsea Quinn Yarbro is a master at writing fantasy stories that are filled with romance, strong bonds between the characters, and often great evil that can only be beaten by true heroes. In this story, the great evil character is called Bundhi. He is known as the Lord of Darkness and a stealer of souls.


As the opposite character of Bundhi, we meet Surata. She is, unfortunately, the last surviving adept of the powerful tantric alchemy. At first, her story is a very tragic one as the Lord of Darkness, Bundhi, has made her suffer quite a lot by taking her loved ones, her family, her vision and freedom, and has sold her to slavery in a land that is far from his great and evil Empire. 

Having lost so much, even you would think that there is no hope for Surata anymore as the Lord of Darkness thought and underestimated the true power that Surata wielded. To his great surprise, he could not foresee that this act has brought Surata a great ally.


We introduce you to a new character from the book in our review of To the High Redoubt book, a champion named Arkady, a truly great warrior and a destined hero that is the person who changes everything in Surata’s life.

As they meet and quickly establish a strong relationship, one that grows stronger by the hour, Chelsea reveals in the book, the source of Surata’s power and where she draws her magic, the power that has a chance to end this Lord of Darkness’ rule and restore balance.

Meeting the Dark Lord

Together, Arkady and Surata, with their combined power and strong and caring relationship, set out to the heart of Bundhi’s empire to have a face to face meeting with the Dark Lord and end his tyranny once and for all. 

That’s all you get from this review of To the High Redoubt as the ending is too good to be spoiled. We further recommend to check out our The Palace book review. Chances are low for any epic fantasy and science fiction story lover to be disappointed by this novel as Chelsea is an expert in this type of story. 

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