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House of Night Book Series Review (2021)

P.C. Cast

House of Night is a thrilling fantasy book series about vampires and it is written by an experienced and beloved author, P.C. Cast. All of the 12 books in the series follow one main character, Zoey Redbird, as she goes on quite the adventure of her lifetime.

Thrilling Journey

A long and thrilling journey waits for this character and a long and thrilling read for you as well once you check out the books that we are about to talk about in this House of Night book series review. You can read more about similar books in our selection of the best vampire books for teens including this series as well.

House of Night Book Series

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Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Marked 8.24/10 306 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Betrayed 8.46/10 310 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Chosen 8.42/10 307 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Untamed 8.52/10 338 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Hunted 8.46/10 323 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Tempted 8.52/10 319 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Burned 8.54/10 323 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Awakened 8.62/10 290 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Destined 8.68/10 325 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Hidden 8.58/10 306 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Revealed 8.32/10 306 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Redeemed 8.58/10 310 Pages Check Price On Amazon




This fantasy story begins in the first book of the series, Marked. The book sets the grounds for the long and exciting story that is about to come as you meet the main character, Zoey.

Vampire Tracker

She finds herself being marked by a strange character called a Vampire Tracker and she soon realizes that a series of life- changing transformations are about to occur. She also realizes that she is not the only fledgling when she enters the House of Night as she finds out that there are others like her who are transforming into vampires.

The Vampire Goddess called Nyx also marks the sixteen-year-old Zoey as a special case as she possesses affinities for all of the 5 elements, Fire, Water, Spirit, Earth, and Air. She is definitely a unique case as you will see in this book series review of House of Night.

Dark Daughters

You get to meet another character who proves that Zoey is not the only fledgling with special powers after she finds out about a character who turns out to be the leader of the most elite club at the House of Night, the Dark Daughters. This character is miss-using the gifts that were also given to her by the Goddess.

Zoey quickly finds the courage to embrace her destiny and sets off on her new mission to stop this evil leader of the Dark Daughters and the story only gets more thrilling from there. The task will definitely prove difficult, but Zoey also meets a few friends along the way who help her in her quest.



Settling Down

All of that is only from the first book of the House of Night book series. In the second book, called Betrayed, the story directly continues as you get to read about how Zoey has become a High Priestess in training.

She finally settles in nicely in the House of Night and everything seems to be going well for her until a new twist is presented in the novel as the author succeeds in introducing a new problem that will surely make the story even more exciting to read.

Unthinkable Event

Just as everything was starting to go smoothly for Zoey, an unthinkable event takes place which involves the killing of a number of innocent teenagers. Zoey fears that the amazing powers that were given to her by the Goddess Nyx might actually be the reason that the humans she knew before she turned into a vampire are being hurt. This story will definitely capture your interest in the series if the first failed to do so.



Three Boyfriends

After the very exciting series of events in Betrayed, the third novel comes soon after that also presents a thrilling plot. The third novel is called Chosen and it talks about a series of more serious threats this time as well as some very exciting romance scenes that get added to the story.

The romance part involves Zoey having to deal with three boyfriends at the same time and the serious trouble part of the story is related to her best friend Stevie Rae.

Becoming Undead

Stevie has managed to get herself into a lot of trouble as she becomes undead and is slowly losing the fight for obtaining her humanity. Another, probably more serious threat appears in the story as countless vampires start appearing dead out of nowhere and with no sign of who killed them.

The reason for their deaths is later revealed as the People of Faith have finally had enough of living side- by-side with vampires and they are starting to take brutal action. Zoey and her friends manage to find out a few secrets that only make the story more complex and with that, a lot more thrilling.


As things progress, we try not to reveal any major spoilers in this book series review of House of Night and still manage to make sure you get as much information as you can without spoiling the fun of reading the books for yourself.

After Chosen, comes the fourth book, called Untamed. In it, the story begins to test a lot of loyalties as a lot more death and mysterious killings present themselves. You get to read about how trust is broken and earned and how the lives of the unique characters affect each other.



Under His Spell

In Hunted, the fifth book of the House of Night book series, more romance and thrill comes your way as you find out about the identity of a gorgeous guy who is desired by many at first but later proves to have been hiding a terrible evil within him. He has the entire House of Night under his spell.

New Mission

Only Zoey and a few of her closest friends manage to escape him and they now have a new mission that involves finding a mysterious key that has the power to break his influence over the others.

Finding the key brings out a lot of secrets that were probably better off hidden and Zoey gets to find out a few secrets of her own that come from a past life. Some deep and strange things happen in this book and the good news is that there are still a lot of books to go.


The stories you read so far in this House of Night book series review are considered as some of the best vampire books ever written and you can enjoy the rest of the 12 books in the series for yourself.

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