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In Dark Places Book Review (2021)

Michael Prescott

In Dark Places is a fascinating thriller novel by author Michael Prescott that will definitely mess with your mind and still make you more and more interested thanks to the suspenseful events that take place inside the story.

Mixed Emotions

The novel will prove most fascinating to readers who enjoy reading about weird characters such as the ones in it who are all filled with mixed feelings about everything and have very powerful and unpredictable emotional scars. You get to meet those characters initially from this book review of In Dark Places and see for yourself just how interesting this story turns out.

In Dark Places Book

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Strange Characters

The book starts out pretty messed up already with you meeting all of the strange and unique characters, but as you read you don’t get the feeling that everything is getting better for them, in fact, things get super darker for these characters and the story takes you to places that the author,

Robin Cameron

Michael, has truly made perfect for the story. First, we introduce you to a brilliant scientist in our In Dark Places book review who is on the brink of discovering something huge regarding psychiatric medicine. Her name is Robin Cameron and she has managed to create something that might prove like a breakthrough in treating mentally challenged patients.

Special Helmet

She has invented a special magnetic helmet that has the ability to trigger certain emotionally painful memories in her patients. This machine then manages to modify all of these memories that make the patients angry and mainly lead to murder. It sounds like a wonderful way to treat angry patients and serial killers without much work.

Justin Gray

Her first promising subject appears to be one typical serial killer named Justin Gray. He would be sent into rehab to test this treatment as he has committed countless crimes in the form of killing high school girls.

At first, his motivations are unknown for these killings as he doesn’t even kidnap them to torture them or sexually assault them and they find out that he has to drink heavily to deal with all of the death around him that he is responsible for.

Sargeant Alan Brand

Another character is then introduced to the story who you get to meet in this In Dark Places book review, LAPD Sargeant Alan Brand who makes Gray look like a teddy bear compared to the trauma that this man has witnessed in his life.


The story gets super twisted after meeting these characters as the serial killer Gray manages to escape and in all of the trouble, Robin’s teenage daughter is kidnapped. Robin doesn’t know who to accuse of this crime, the sick serial killer Gray or the traumatized cop Alan?

Another scenario comes to mind that involves a more serious and darker conspiracy. Whatever it is, you get to find out for yourself and witness all of the excitement as you take a look at this awesome thriller that has a ton of suspense for yourself.

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