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Interview With The Vampire Book Review (2021)

Anne Rice

This story by author Anne Rice is a vampire fiction story that belongs to her fantasy book series called The Vampire Chronicles. For more of her works, check out our review of the best Anne Rice books. This is the first book and it tells the story of Louis, narrated through an interview that he gives about his own life, how he became a vampire, something about his mortal life, and a lot about his immortal one after.

The Vampire Chronicles Series

This novel has around 350 pages and in those pages, you get to see how The Vampire Chronicles start and what story the plot describes, find out all of that, and more in our book review of Interview With The Vampire. You can also find this book on our list of the best vampire books. We recommend to check it out!

Interview With The Vampire Book

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Louis de Pointe du Lac

Louis’ full name is Louis de Pointe du Lac and he explains his story from before he becomes a vampire and after during his 200 years of being alive. His journey into the vampire world begins after he meets Lestat de Lincourt, the vampire who turned him because he sought his company. The two become companions after a while and although Lestat has no problem killing humans to survive, Louis finds that disturbing so he only feeds off animals.

Ordinary Slave

An important thing we can’t forget to mention in this Interview With The Vampire book review is that before Louis became a vampire, he was living in his slave plantation. So, after a while of being a vampire, the slaves and everyone around them begin to fear Louis and Lestat because of the things they do and the monsters that they have become. They are forced to live as the slaves and begin to gang together and stage an uprising.

Events lead to Louis setting his own plantation on fire and Lestat actually kills many slaves so that they don’t spread the word about what they are as that would definitely attract a lot of unwanted attention to Louis and Lestat.

Lestat’s Influence

After a long time being vampire companions, roaming the world, Louis actually follows Lestat’s influence and he too starts feeding off humans. Although he has no control over that anymore, he still finds it repulsing and he hates the lack of compassion for humans that Lestat has.

You get to see a few hints here and there that Louis is actually thinking about leaving Lestat and going about his own way. He even tries to do that after he finds himself feeding on a 5-year-old girl who is sitting and crying next to her mother’s body.

Lestat becomes suspicious about Louis’ plans so he turns the girl into a vampire and she becomes their sort of daughter as they do take care of her. This becomes a reason for Louis not to leave Lestat. They give her the name Claudia and Louis actually becomes horrified by what he has just seen. He doesn’t believe that he doesn’t even know this man as he managed to turn a little child into a vampire just to make sure that he doesn’t leave him.


However things may be, they still end up taking care of Claudia and she becomes a killer fairly easily but she also begins to understand that she can actually never grow up and she will look like a 5-year-old child forever. 60 years manage to pass and Claudia’s hatred for Lestat only keeps growing as she becomes more mature and understands that it is Lestat’s fault that she can never grow up looking like a real woman. She hatches a plan to finally kill Lestat using poison and then she plans to slit his throat.

Growing Hatred

Louis is also on board with this plan as he too has a strong hatred for Lestat growing inside him, so they follow through with the plan and dump Lestat’s body into a nearby Swamp and instantly leave and go to start a new life together.

However, you learn about another huge twist that will definitely make the story a lot more interesting from our book review of Interview With The Vampire. Just as they think that they are finally rid of Lestat, he appears before them, filled with rage, and attacks them. They barely escape him, but they know that this is not over as Lestat definitely seeks vengeance.

New Life in Europe

The story then focuses a bit more on Louis and Claudia as they arrive in Europe and they seek more of their kind. They find that it’s hard to locate a place where they belong and to find people who understand them and are like them.

They do find some vampires but they only turn out to be mindless bodies who are only living on instincts and are searching for blood. After the long journey, Paris is the place where the finally find vampires like themselves. One character who proves fascinating in the story is the 400-year-old Armand and his group at the Theatre des Vampires.

Interesting Lives

Armand and his coven of vampires live quite the interesting lives as they dress up as humans and host plays before living human audiences. They manage to trick the humans fairly easily as they kill them one by one without a problem because they think that the killings are just a part of the performance. Before anyone catches on what they are doing and what they actually are, the audience is already vampire food.

Claudia actually despises these vampires and their cheap plays, but Louis and Armand are drawn to each other. New series of problems start appearing as Claudia becomes paranoid that she might lose Louis to this Armand character so she starts causing trouble.


The book definitely has a few twists and surprises left here and there so that you will definitely be wanting to hear more vampire stories from the other books from the series. Be sure to have a look at the rest of the novels if you liked what you read here in this Interview With The Vampire book review.

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