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5 Best Jessica Scott Books (2021)

Best Jessica Scott Books ReviewBio

From what can be extrapolated from our trustworthy friend, the Internet, we cannot find any conclusive information about the age of Scott. Nonetheless, Jessica is an American writer.

Most notably, her stories range from contemporary military romance, to nonfiction about soldiers coming back from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and all the way to suspense of the supernatural nature.


Jessica has an associate degree from the Central Texas College. Subsequently, she received her Bachelor’s degree of Arts from the State University of New York. She has two master’s degrees, – one from the University of Maryland, in Telecommunications Management, and one from the Duke University, in Sociology. Additionally, her PhD in Sociology was also acquired from Duke University.

Best Jessica Scott Books

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Because of You 8.44/10 262 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Before I Fall 8.38/10 300 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Come Home to Me 8.56/10 152 Pages Check Price On Amazon
To Iraq & Back 7.82/10 299 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Dawn’s Early Light 8.06/10 113 Pages Check Price On Amazon


Scott is very known for the fact that she worked in the army for a period. She was first enlisted in the year of 1995. The rank of Sergeant First Class in August of 2007. In the same month, of the same year, Scott earned commission from Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning.

During her time in the military, Scott has served in Germany, Korea, while the vast majority of her career was spent at Fort Hood. She has received extensive awards for her qualities and time in the army. Scott has the rare ability of using all her experience for writing better and better books, so we are now going to see what the best books by Jessica Scott are.

Coming Home Book Series


Longest Series

Coming Home is the longest series and some of Jessica Scott’s best books. It features a whopping eleven works. Here they are:

  1. Because of You.
  2. I’ll Be Home for Christmas.
  3. Back to You.
  4. Anything for You: A Coming Home Short Story.
  5. Come Home to Me.
  6. Carry Me Home.
  7. A Place Called Home.
  8. Take Me Home.
  9. Homefront.
  10. After the War.
  11. Last One Home.
  12. Last One Home.

Standalone Books

The first was published in the year of 2011, and in only a period of four years, all of the books up until Last One Home were published. Obviously, this speaks to the discipline and speed with which writes Scott.

Even though this is a series, Coming Home, in the words of Scott, herself, is only lightly connected. She made a clear attempt to write each of the books without having to read the others prior.


This rule, however, doesn’t apply to Because of You & I’ll Be Home for Christmas. Additionally, the cliffhanger ending of Because of You is answered in Back to You, even though the latter can be read as a standalone book.

The series as a whole, having been written in a relatively short period, doesn’t lose footing. It is a genuinely sweet, fervent, heartrending, hopeful, exhilarating, romantic story, featuring characters that speak to the loving heart.

Emotional Damage

Their transgressions and rises make readers come back for each subsequent book. Though the scars of the heroes leave them damaged emotionally more so than physically, we can’t help but flip the pages to see where the story will take them.

None of the books in the series can be deemed weak, and as such we think that this series has the best Jessica Scott books, out there.

Falling Book Series



Another Scott’s book series is Falling. It is a shorter series than the previous entry, featuring only five books. They are:

  1. Before I Fall.
  2. Break My Fall.
  3. After I Fall.
  4. Catch My Fall.
  5. Until We Fall.

Prevalent Themes

The books in this series are also not connected in the traditional sense where the characters are recurring, but here the themes are prevalent and remain the most important parts of the books. The first one was published in 2015, while the final book in the series was released in 2018.

What prevails wonderfully throughout the series is the fact that Jessica’s writing of soldiers returning from the battlefields of war and attempting to get back into the normal life of their former home. It’s fairly obvious that Jessica writes on these topics because it is exceedingly close to her heart. The struggles and sorrows of the characters are captured superbly.

Happier Times

Before I Fall by Scott, for example, is a book that takes readers back – in a positive manner, of course. Beth’s life isn’t the easiest. She goes to school, goes to work, and comes back to take care of her disabled veteran father. Beth is barely hanging on, she can’t find any help for her father or his needs, so she’s all that he has.

Noah, however, is returning to college after he’d been released from the army due to an injury sustained from war. Noah has his own demons lurking in the depths of his dark past; Noah struggles unyieldingly.


However, these two damaged characters, hurting without cease, find each other. The emotions that readers are subject to upon turning the pages are markedly heartrending. Their love is a special one, as will the reading for the interested reader.

And that is just an example of the stories told in the series; with emotions and sentiments to spare, Jessica’s series is a touching one, to say the least. To the ‘military romance’ genre lovers, these are some of the best-selling books by Jessica Scott.

Homefront Book Series


Intertwined Series

The most peculiar part about the Homefront series is the fact that the books are also a part of one of the best Jessica Scott series called Coming Home series.

Though that is certainly a baffling facet of the books, they still remain the intense, touching books that Jessica so nicely writes. There are four books in the series; they go, as follows:

  1. Come Home to Me.
  2. Homefront.
  3. After the War.
  4. Last One Home.

Gale and Melanie

Homefront, published in 2015 – as the last three books in the series were –, is one of the best second-chance romance stories out there. We have characters Gale and ex-wife Melanie. They’ve been divorced for more than fifteen years, now. For most of these years, Gale has been in bloody battles, spending time in the military, but his heart hasn’t let go of the love for Melanie.

Second Chance

They even have a sixteen-year-old daughter – she, herself, has troubles of her own. Gale is the obviously grumpy first sergeant, who in spite of his rough ways, cares a lot about the ones around him. Seeing as he has never forgiven himself for not stopping Melanie when she was leaving, Gale is pining for the second chance – possibly the last one that he might get in his lifetime.

This series is most poignant and affecting which makes it some of the best-rated books by Jessica Scott. The characters bleed through the pages to make the readers quiver at what happens next.

To Iraq and Back



To Iraq and Back by Scott was published in the year of 2012. Unlike the other entries, this is non-fiction writing. To Iraq and Back is the journal-writing attempt by Scott, elaborating on the things that happened during the one-year deployment she went through. For some readers, it might be the best Scott novel.

Painful World

Her words char even the most rubbery of skins. Holding nothing back, she writes of the time at war she spent, the feelings that arose as a woman in the battlefield – words from a station of authority –, a mother having left her two children back, and, most notably, the wife of an enlisted man.

All of the trials and tribulations that Jessica passed through are elaborated on with a keen tone. Her personality and the way it changed as a result of the wartime stresses, her loyalty to her country and her husband, everything is beautifully written. The way that the story flows, one would think that it is a result of fictitious writing, even though it most certainly isn’t.

It Doesn’t Stop There

Though the greatest part of the book is concerned with the period spent during the war, Jessica’s story doesn’t stop there. It goes on, heart-wrenchingly, to speak how it was to stand at attention while the coffins of fallen mates, brothers and sisters, were loaded on transport planes. The pain and the bewildering feelings expressed are singularly touching.

The unabashed writing of Jessica gives way for the reader to believe completely in what she writes. A truly great work, one of the top Jessica Scott books.

Dawn’s Early Light


Shorter Story

Dawn’s Early Light was published in 2017. The foreword of the book was written by famed author James Patterson. The book isn’t especially long, a bit longer than a short story, though not at the level of a novella. Nevertheless, it is a perfect example of Scott’s best book.

Cam and Haley

Cam and Haley are the protagonist of Dawn’s Early Light. They were childhood sweethearts, with their love marked by a distinct intensity. However, wartime came and its groping hands took Cam away.

Now, ten years have passed since, and a broken man comes back looking like an older Cam. The only thing left for Cam back home is his sweet Haley Arsenault. They are both scared and hurting, but together they try to have Cam learn how to love once more after having seen the travesties and bloodshed of conquest, of war.

Enjoyable Story

Surely, when one takes a look at the other best Jessica Scott books, this one doesn’t quite enter uncharted territory. It does, however, make for an endlessly enjoyable story of how one man can return to the love that was taken away from him by the pest of wartime. The writing intrinsic to all Scott’s books remains here, enabling the readers to have a grand time reading the heartbreaking story of Cam and Haley. If we made this list of Jessica Scott’s books ranked, this would be possibly the best Jessica Scott book.

Few More

A few other most popular Scott books which will surely intrigue readers are the following two – The Long Way Home and one of the best Jessica Scott novels called The Long Night: A Novel of Good and Evil.

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