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The Jews in America Book Review (2021) – The Roots, History, and Destiny of American Jews

Max I. Dimont

This book is by biblical historian and author Max I. Dimont as he writes another one of his popular religious and historical books that share his most incredible thoughts on topics such as this.

Max has also written books that went on to sell over a million copies such as Jews, God, and History and Appointment in Jerusalem.

The Jews in America Book

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American Jews

In this novel of his, you get to read about Max’s thoughts on Jews and more specifically on American Jews, how they came to be in America, their journey to reach this land, how they prosper and a general history lesson that although is nothing completely new, it does show another way of thinking by this very intelligent author and to see this story from another angle by a man who has researched quite a lot on the topic.

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Simpler Writing

As you start to understand what to expect in this novel from our book review of The Jews in America: The Roots, History, and Destiny of American Jews, you quickly find out how the author likes to explain things in his books and that he starts off with a simpler form of writing.

Max starts this incredible story with Sephardim as he was the first man to ever reach the shores of America in the 1600s and he shares some history of those events. Most of the book, however, focuses on the time after the Jews reach the United States and how they prosper in this new world of theirs.

Vast Immigration

Following the vast immigration process that Jews had to participate in, families from all over Germany, Russia, and other lands went on to search for better lives in America.

As the story dives even deeper into their lives and this huge event that happened slowly in history, the author describes the cultural achievements of those who had to overcome oppression in their very own native lands.

Transformation of the Society

Other relevant and important topics are mentioned in this The Jews in America book by Max Dimont such as the transformation of British Anglicans into Hebraic Puritan and the rise and fall of German scientific Judaism. After that, Max discusses the process of the huge Russian immigration and what impact that had among everyone that it affected.

The Romantic Revolution also comes up as well as The Great Awakening. Another very important and one of the last things that Dimont explains in this great historical work of his is the shaping of the modern Judaism, how this process goes and other things regarding that fact.

Learn Something New

For readers who enjoy this type of historical content regarding various religions and people who had to undergo massive changes throughout their history, this book will prove as a very entertaining way to pass the time as well as to learn something new about the history of the American Jews as it is definitely an important part of human culture.

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