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Joe’s Liver Book Review (2021)

Paul Di Filippo

Paul Di Filippo, the author of this beautiful novel, is mostly known for writing many short stories that tell simple and interesting tales of adventures with some of the most unique and memorable characters you will ever read about in short stories.

Exclusive Collections

Another thing he constantly does is write collection books of his 100s of short stories in which he often publishes one or two for the first time ever, never to be seen elsewhere but in the collection it is published.

Joe’s Liver Book

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Joe’s Liver 8.24/10 313 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Lengthy Novel

This one is a bit different from his usual short story writing style as he writes an adventure of a boy’s journey that turns into a complex plot with lots to talk about that simply can’t be fit into one quirky short story.

It is a good sign when Di Filippo surprises his fans like this with a once in a while lengthy novel that has more to offer than the still wonderful short stories of his. Check out our selection of the best Paul Di Filippo books to get more information about his work.

Readers Digest

Our book review of Joe’s Liver will tell you all about the boy that is the center of this book, named Readers Digest. He discovers his namesake in a magazine that the boy enjoys reading quite a lot. This boy is an orphaned one who lives in the Caribbean.


Although his name is Readers Digest, he likes to be called Ardy. Ardy is very inspired by the contents he reads about in the magazine also named Readers Digest and puts together a very imaginative plan to make a pilgrim’s journey to the HQ of Digest in Pleasantville, New York.

Big Journey

This is the part where Paul Di Filippo is at his best as he starts making this boy’s journey from a simple one to a pretty complex one that makes him cross paths with the weirdest of characters in strange and totally new places for the boy.

As this journey is in a totally new world to this Ardy, his adventure is as exciting as it gets, as you can see from our Joe’s Liver book review and from your own imagination of how the world can be to a boy that has never seen that part of it before, the journey is definitely an exciting one to read about as it has probably never been seen before.

Unique Writing Style

If you are someone who has read many of Paul’s short stories, then you surely know what this brilliant author tends to write, you know his unique fiction writing style that is at its best when writing science fiction and fantasy stories that bring in a lot of different and strange characters that just make the stories more and more interesting as you get to know them.

Complex Plot

A story from Paul, no matter if it’s a short one or a more serious, with a more complex plot like this one, it is definitely a story that will not bore any reader, no matter if they are a fan of Paul’s or not. We also recommend his other books, just check out our reviews of Fractal Paisleys book and The Emperor of Gondwanaland book to find out more.

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