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The Jupiter Theft Book Review (2021)

Donald Moffitt

The Jupiter Theft is a novel by science fiction author Donald Moffitt that proves as the perfect specimen to describe a true science fiction story filled with lots of adventure, new and unique characters throughout the book and mysterious and life-threatening discoveries that will never allow you to feel bored as you read it.

Action and Wonder

The book describes a story about exploration, danger, meeting new alien beings that have their own unique story to tell, and a lot of action and wonder as you will find out all about that from this book review of The Jupiter Theft. If you are looking for another exciting book written by Donald Moffitt, check out our The Genesis Quest book review.

The Jupiter Theft Book

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Strange Source of Radiation

The story begins with a strange thing that the staff in the Lunar observatory have just picked up. It was a strange new source radiating gamma rays that was now somewhere in the constellation Cygnus but it seemed that it was approaching Earth and racing through the Solar System at nearly the speed of light.

Massive Object

This new discovery definitely seemed dangerous as scientists had predicted that if it passed Earth, its immense radiation energy would leave everything on this planet dead within the next six months. All hope was lost as this mysterious object seemed massive and they didn’t have the slightest idea for how to stop it.

As you find out more about the situation that Earth is in now from this The Jupiter Theft book review, a slight sign of hope shows up as they had blindly launched a mission to intercept this object in space and discover if there is any way of stopping it. When the crew that was sent comes closer to it, they discover something no one had expected, aliens.


These aliens are called the Cygnans and they use a special type of power for their massive spacecraft, a power source that converted matter by total annihilation into fuel. This mission was eventually marked as a failure as the crew sent on the mission were captured and placed into Cygnan zoos for entertainment. The crew is lucky that they left them alive as they now have a chance to escape and discover what their true purpose is for entering the Solar System.

Looking for a New Home

They discover that these aliens communicate with a perfectly pitched voice and their language sounds like beautiful melodies. The crew, using a synthesizer and their natural voices, learn how to understand the aliens and discover that the Cygnans are here because they are looking for a new home after their old one was heading right in the center of a black hole.

On the Way to Andromeda

They are now gathering fuel from Jupiter and will be on their way to Andromeda because every habitable planet they have been to in the Milky Way was already populated with intelligent life. The crew must find a way to escape and get back to Earth before they leave for the Andromeda Galaxy after which they can never go back home.

Not the End

This is not the end as there is a bit more that goes on after this event which you can find out for yourself in the book itself. Hopefully, this book review of The Jupiter Theft got you to know the story inside a bit better.

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