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Killer Knots Book Review (2021)

Nancy J. Cohen

Killer Knots is the ninth novel from a long book series by author Nancy J. Cohen. So far the series has 16 books, the most recent one was published not long ago, in 2020. This book review is only about the ninth book of her interesting series called Bad Hair Day Mystery that has some pretty interesting novels inside relating to some pretty cool and very exciting mysteries that wait for new readers.

Engaging and Fun

Her stories might not be about very deep mysteries, but they sure are engaging to the readers and very fun to read as they always hold interesting and unique characters that experience out of the ordinary adventures that don’t happen to them exactly every day.

Killer Knots Book

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Cruise Ship

Killer Knots holds a story that is happening on a cruise ship with a course set to the Caribbean. It is a story that talks mainly about the characters Marla Shore and her fiancé, Detective Dalton Vail. We covered even more books written by this talented author, just take a look at our selection of the best Nancy J. Cohen books.


This book review of Killer Knots introduces you well to Marla as you find out more about her like the fact that she has been long waiting for this trip in hopes that she will get to spend some relaxing time with her husband to be, full of romance, relaxation, and alone time.

Little did she know that everything was going to go way off plan as she finds out about the first thing that will be very unpleasing for her vacation, her fiancé’s parents are going to tag along. What’s even worse is that she hasn’t even met them before so she hopes that everything will go smoothly and that they like her.

Mysterious Letter

This is not even the worst part of the journey as some signs of trouble start appearing. One of which is a mysterious letter that shows up in front of Marla’s door that is actually addressed to Martha Shore.

The message inside, which we won’t spoil in this book review of Killer Knots, is a bit creepy as she wasn’t expecting anything like this and she thought that the name was only a spelling mistake by the sender.

Something Wrong

Things get weirder as she meets her companions at the cruise dinner and finds out that all of these people have gotten similar letters and messages and suspects that something is definitely not as it is supposed to be.

The story starts to come together slowly as she finds out that the people at her table all know each other as they are colleagues at an art museum where an artist died recently in a very out of the ordinary and suspicious way.


Now, the big mystery reveals in our Killer Knots book review, her tablemates all start mysteriously disappearing one by one, and Marla realizes that she has to do something before everyone suffers the same fate. Be sure to tag along for the ride in the original book if you liked what you saw in this Killer Knots book review and find out what happens at the end for yourself.

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