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King and Raven Book Review (2021)

Cary James

Fans of times of knights and sword battles will definitely love this novel by Cary James that takes place in the period of King Arthur himself. Cary is a science fiction and fantasy writer who manages to intrigue his fans with every new book he publishes. His stories have certain adventures that are exciting to read.

Important Quest

The plot itself revolves around a very ambitious character who, after a certain event which we will talk about in this book review of King and Raven, has devoted himself on a quest that he must complete at all costs.

King and Raven Book

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This is a very emotional quest for him which will make more sense after we describe this character to you. His name is Micah, he lives in Greenfarm. This is a place that is just outside the great kingdom of Camelot, ruled by the famous monarch known and feared by many, King Arthur. Micah refers to himself as the Raven. He is the son of a poor tenant farmer and they are very well described in the book as peasants.

Oath Has Been Sworn

Micah’s story and his quest begin when he finds out that his sister has been raped and then murdered by a few of King Arthur’s Knights. That day, Micah vows and swears an oath to avenge this brutal crime that was done on his sister, so he sets out on the journey that awaits.

Micah thinks of a way to find the ones that disgraced and killed his beloved sister by becoming a Knight himself which could get him closer to finding out who they were and closer to avenging his sister. So, he works hard, shows great potential, performs amazingly in battle tests, proves himself as a great warrior.

Michael de Verdeur

As he continues to increase his stature, he gets further and further up the latter to becoming one of King Arthur’s Knights. He is later known as Michael de Verdeur after a brief period in France.

We mention this fact in this book review of King and Raven so that you don’t get confused about who this is while reading the book. Anyway, he returns to England just in time to see Camelot unravel which is a starting point of some pretty interesting drama and new excitement for the readers.

Excitement and Passion

This novel proves as an interesting one and as a great way to introduce new fans of fiction stories to the author himself, Cary James. The novel holds a story that is filled with lots of excitement, passion, hatred, action, intrigue, thrilling adventures, and a whole lot of questionable loyalties.

If you like what you see in this King and Raven book review, then chances are high that you will like the book itself as stories about historical times always bring a spark of excitement to fans and readers who enjoy those types of scenarios.

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