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Kirlian Quest Book Review (2021)

Piers Anthony

Kirlian Quest is a novel by science fiction author Piers Anthony that belongs to his book series called Cluster. The Cluster series was first intended to be a Trilogy by the author, but then Piers decided to add to more volumes to the series which result now in a series of 5 editions.

The Cluster Series

In our book review of Kirlian Quest, you find out that this novel is the third one in a row of the series and you get a brief description of what to expect in this part of the Cluster series by Piers Anthony. To learn more about his work, check out our selection of the best Piers Anthony books.

Kirlian Quest Book

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First, a very short introduction of the series itself is in order for you to better understand what to expect in this book as it is the third book from the series and a lot has happened in the prequels Cluster and Chaining the Lady.

So, the series opens with Anthony’s introduction to the human population expanding to an area of the galaxy that is roughly 100 light-years in diameter. They have named the area they currently inhabit Sphere Sol as it is an area that revolves around the Sun named Sol. In this large sphere, Piers has added other races that also colonize other worlds, mainly in three ways.

Various Means

One is by instantaneous teleportation, other is by freezing themselves in their ships and waking up upon arrival, and the third is probably safest of all the three which is by something called a lifeship. In these things, the race can survive for centuries which is how much time it sometimes takes to get to their destination.

Different Spheres

As the story of Kirlian Quest opens, you learn that there are a few different spheres now, which most of have cursed the sphere of Andromeda due to one person’s betrayal of the Andromeda. He was a representative called Llume, who did this act of dishonor during the Second War of Energy.


Now, as you find out from our review of Kirlian Quest book, a new threat has arrived called the Space Amoeba. A fleet of almost one million spaceships who have the direst of intentions. You also meet one of the most important characters in this novel, Herald the Healer. He now has a chance to redeem the honor of his species from the Andromeda and save countless lives.

Herald the Healer

But, there is still one more catch to the story. Herald the Healer first has one more difficult task to perform before he can engage in an almost single-handed battle for the fate of so many, he has to solve a riddle of wisdom from the Space Amoeba and the Ancients themselves. 

Exciting World

This is only the third book of the series and yet so much has happened in this exciting world of Anthony’s that is filled with the most thrilling space adventures. The story continues in the sequel of this novel, Thousandstar and in the last book of the series, and rest assured that plenty more exciting stuff is waiting for you in the next books. You can also take a look at another book by Anthony, that we covered, Viscous Circle book.

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