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3 Best L. A. Morse Books (2021)

L A Morse Best Books ReviewBio

Larry Alan Morse was born on the 1st of January, 1945, in Los Angeles. Larry is a prominent, loved mystery and thriller author. During his writing career, Larry has utilized pseudonyms, too; one such case was his books written under the name Runa Fairleigh.

Best L. A. Morse Books

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
The Big Enchilada 8.74/10 224 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Sleaze 8.06/10 222 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Flesh Eaters 7.86/10 237 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Early Life

Larry Allan Morse was raised in Los Angeles. He went to the University of California at Berkeley, but also to San Francisco State College. During his lifetime, Larry has succeeded in acquiring two separate degrees in English Literature.

During the latter years of the 1960s, Larry moved to Toronto, where he worked in a number of places, ranging from educational TV, to being an administrator at the University of Toronto. For a brief period, Larry went on travel through the Southeast parts of Asia, where he decided to write his very first novel.


For the last two decades, though, Larry has taken up work as a visual artist, most notably as a sculptor. On his world list for birds, he has accounted for more than 1,500 birds. His time is also spent while carving stone, and a bit of focus is put on the stock market, also!

It is clear that Larry has lived quite the exciting life. As such, we can now take a look at what the best Larry Alan Morse books are. We reviewed some of his books as standalone articles. Check out our An Old-Fashioned Mystery book review and The Big Enchilada book review.

Sam Hunter Book Series


Jack Spanner

The Sam Hunter series by Morse is comprised of two books. Morse’s duology is made up of the following books:

  1. The Old Dick, published in 1981.
  2. Sleaze, published in 1985.

The main character is Jack Spanner. Jack is an aging, former private eye. At the present moment, Jack is about eighty years old, having problems with maintaining what he feels is very important – a relationship with his family an erection.

The Old Dick

In the first book, The Old Dick, Jack is called out of retirement, of course he is reluctant, by someone he knows rather well. In fact, the individual that offers him a job is a criminal that Jack, himself, put in the big house a number of years. The criminal’s name is Sal Piccolo.

A lot of Jack’s contacts and intel people are no longer there to help him – some have died, some have forgotten about him, some are just too old. Sal, however, begs Jake to help find his grandson who is nowhere to be found. Jake gives in and takes the case. Soon, Jake learns that his time has come and gone, and that things aren’t as they used to be once. Humorous situations, frivolous machinations, and thrilling detective work make the first book a true gem!


In the second book, Sleaze, the main character is Sam Hunter. Hunter is a young private detective, whose soft side is oddly missing. He is a hard-wrought, tough individual. However, he does know how to have fun. Out of the blue, one day, he gets an offer from a pornography magazine. Sam does take up the offer because of the pay or because he just wants justice to get its due. No; in fact, the reason is as shallow as it gets: Sam is attracted to the editor.

Cult of Fanatics

The magazine is named Sleaze, and that might be the primary reason why a cult of fanatics aiming to cleanse the holiest of lands is out to stop it from continuing its production and publication! Soon, Sam, himself, is at the forefront of the cult’s deathly intentions. What they don’t know is that Sam isn’t an easy man to kill. By and large, these two are perhaps the best books by Larry Alan Morse, to date.

The Flesh Eaters


Evil Group

The Flesh Eaters is one of the most well-known stories from L. A. Morse. It is, also, one of his most gruesome, brutal stories. The gut-wrenching standalone novel was published in the year of 1979.

The story follows a group that are nothing short of the spawn of Satan himself. They were bred by the very ditches of Edinburgh, Scotland, and they were raised in the damp, horrific caverns. The land was stalked by their petulant, vile feet, they were the destroyers of their own kind, they were slaves to a hunger not of this world. They were Scotland’s most famous cannibal group!

Lecherous Life

The times were of the medieval sort. As can be expected from the period, everyone lives in squalid, derelict conditions – a true dream for a health or sanitation inspector. The peasants and normal folk were dirty, unwashed, and very ignorant. They could never have stood a chance against what was coming their way.

One individual of ghastly inclinations and intentions went along with his underage partner to a very remote location. The two were sociopaths of the highest ranks, and when they were alone in this remote location, they lived a lecherous life. They reproduced, then began murdering and hunting the common folk. They even taught their own kind of their way, as they indulged in the grossest of life’s endeavors. The group were cannibals that indulged in incest and many wretched occupations.

Disgusting, Yet Enjoyable

The story is touted as being a true one in the Scottish lands. It might be, it might just be a legend, it might even be propaganda from the British folk. However, what stands, in spite of all the contradictory accounts, is how terrible, horrific, and disturbing the tale actually is.

The story is one disgusting, yet enjoyable to read. One gets the sense that he is breaking a carnal sin even though he’s just turning the pages. We covered this book in more detail in our The Flesh Eaters book review. Check it out! Another such book that L. A. Morse wrote, which is sure to intrigue readers in the same way as these two, is An Old-Fashioned Mystery, written under the Runa Farleigh pseudonym.

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