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Legacy Book Review (2021)

Greg Bear

Legacy is the final book of Greg’s book series The Way and is a great ending to a thrilling and long adventure. The best-sellers in this book series have managed to spread Greg’s content to many people, introducing them to his amazing worlds of science fiction adventures.

The Way Series

These involve unimaginable alien races, advanced technologies, artificial intelligence, unsolvable mysteries, and so much more. Take a look at our review of the first book of the series, Eon, for more information. In our Legacy book review, we show you how this book series ends and what goes on in the final book of the series called Legacy. We covered the amazing work of Greg Bear in our selection of the best Greg Bear books.

Legacy Book

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Legacy talks about a character from the past two books, Olmy. Believe it or not, most of this story is on board a sea ship and can be described as a sea adventure, but a science fiction sea adventure, not one with pirates and seasickness. The story itself starts when we find out that a group of colonists has broken into the world in The Way.


They have the intention to make this wonderful new world they have discovered their new home and intend to stay there for a long time. It is after Olmy was sent to retrieve data about these colonists and return a stolen artifact that they possess when his journey at sea begins as he finds himself being transported to a different time period, one which is facing a vicious civil war and he must adapt in order to survive.


A thrilling adventure for Olmy starts there as he travels the sea together with his new acquaintances, exploring new lands, seeing living organisms as big as continents, plants without chlorophyll, mind- blowing and highly specialized ecosystems that are just unimaginably wonderful.

Greg Bear has managed to invent a whole new world of his that is a bit different from his others without most of it being deep space travels, highly advanced technologies, aliens of all sorts.

Different World

Although it’s not completely void of all that, it’s still a different kind of world than his most common ones as Greg has even put in the time to come up with new names for every biological item the characters encounter in this book.

This is a book that we definitely recommend as you can see from our Legacy book review for anyone who wants to see something a bit different from Greg Bear in terms of different environments and background settings, not different in the style of story and thrilling adventures as that will always be one of Greg’s best qualities.


The fact that this story involves a time in history and the main place that the story happens being on a sea ship is definitely not a bad thing as Greg’s unique writing style and imagination of his most interesting characters yet is still intact and will always be the thing that keeps his new and old readers always wait impatiently for more stories by the science fiction master. Hopefully, you check out the book for yourself after taking a look at our Legacy book review.

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