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Let The Right One In Book Review (2021)

John Ajvide Lindqvist

Let The Right One In is a vampire fiction novel that is written by a Swedish author named John Ajvide Lindqvist. The author writes a thrilling fictional story that is based in his own hometown where he grew up at, Blackeberg, Sweden.

Huge Success

The book was published in 2007 and it was a huge success, it became a bestseller and a few movies  were also made out of the story inside. Now you get to see what the plot is exactly about from this Let The Right One In book review.

Let The Right One In Book

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The events take place and begin in the year 1981 in Blackeberg, Stockholm. One of the main characters in the story is a 12-year-old boy named Oskar who lives with his mother and appears very close to her, unlike his father who is an alcoholic, a deadbeat man who visits occasionally.

We can’t exactly describe Oskar as a normal boy in this book review of Let The Right One In as he actually has a dark past and present for that matter. He is a victim of constant bullying that sometimes goes too far. He starts getting dark thoughts and keeps a bunch of newspaper articles about murder and violence.

Eli, The Vampire

Another character who quickly gets all of the attention in the story appears, her name is Eli and she is the new girl in the neighborhood. She lives with an older man called Hakan and her and Oskar manage to form some kind of friendship.

There is also something special about Eli as well because she also doesn’t appear to be very normal. She is highly intelligent, more than many people combined, she is perfect looking, gorgeous even, and strong.

The story later reveals that Eli is, in fact, a vampire, she was turned as a child and is now forever stuck in the body of a child that doesn’t age, but her mind grows stronger and brighter. Oskar’s newfound friendship with Eli proves very beneficial as she helps him fight off the ones that are constantly bullying him.

Eli’s Secret

Another huge surprise hits you right in the face when you find out that Eli is actually a boy, not a girl.  She was castrated when she got turned into a vampire, nearly 200 years ago, and was since then perceived as a young girl, her real boy name is actually Elias. You later find out that the man she lives with, Hakan, is actually her servant, he chooses her victims for feeding off their blood and does anything else she asks.

Hakan is actually a disturbing man as although Eli gives him money for serving her, he says that he would do it for free if she would only agree to be intimate with him. The story is definitely something that you are not going to forget very soon.

Plenty of other thrilling events, twists, and surprises will be coming your way as you find out more and more about Oskar and Eli, they become closer and closer as they reveal more about each other. The excitement keeps coming as Hakan’s latest attempt to find fresh blood for Eli fails and he is caught. He manages to disfigure himself using acid so that no one can trace his crimes back to the one he loves so much, Eli.

Hakan’s Demise

While he is in the hospital, Eli visits him and Hakan proposes that his blood doesn’t go to waste so he offers it to Eli before he dies. She starts drinking the blood and just before she kills him, a guard interrupts them and Hakan jumps through the window.

Despite this fact, he still turns into a mindless vampire and the only emotion that he has is his desire for Eli. He starts chasing her mindlessly, trying to rape her right before she manages to slip away and escape.

Tragic Endings

Hakan’s life ends tragically when he is destroyed by Tommy, a character who was at the same place where Eli escaped and trapped Hakan. The story is far from over as you find out about another twist from our book review of Let The Right One In. Eli still has to drink blood in order to survive so she attacks a woman, the girlfriend of an alcoholic who manages to fight off Eli, but not before his girlfriend, Virginia, turns into a vampire herself.

Virginia’s story, however, ends super tragically as she experiences pain and boils on her skin when she got exposed to the sun. She was taken to the hospital immediately and upon realizing what she has become, she exposes herself into the sunlight and deliberately ends her own life. Lacke, Virginia’s boyfriend, attempts to avenge his girlfriend but he was not even a problem for Oskar and Eli.

No Mercy

The ending of this what is considered to be one of the best vampire books that you can ever read is coming closer and closer as Oskar and Eli continue their lives. Oskar finally confronts his bully and manages to end his torment only to get into more trouble with his bully’s older brother. A few days after that, Oskar finds himself cornered by a few of his bullies and things look super bad for him, but Eli comes to the rescue as she shows no mercy to these tormentors.

Surprising Ending

The ending of the book might prove as a surprise and it happens very close to the events with which we end this book review of Let The Right One In. Be sure to read the whole book carefully as a lot of thrilling scenes are written in it and the author has certainly managed to write a vampire fiction masterpiece with this one. If you are a vampire enthusiast and love reading about fantasy stories such as this one, then you are definitely going to enjoy reading this book.

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