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Lingo Book Review (2021)

Jim Menick

Lingo is Jim Menick’s first novel ever and it contains a story that talks about the term artificial intelligence and how it differs from humans. It is a science fiction story and  the first Jim’s novel ever.

Of course, it’s not entirely perfect, but it does describe a very interesting story that makes you laugh from time to time and will definitely keep you entertained. If you are interested in what this novel by Jim Menick talks about, then be sure to check out what we have to say in this book review of Lingo.

Lingo Book

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Brewster Billing

The main character that you will meet in the book is a very smart and skilled programmer called Brewster Billing. His wild and soon to prove very dangerous adventure begins when he decides to perform a harmless task and attempts to write a program that will allow his computer to be able to talk back to him.


He is so attached to this computer as he spends most of his time next to it that he has given him a pet name, Lingo. With some hard work and dedication, Brewster succeeds in the first steps of this program and Lingo starts answering questions that he asks him. At first, it seemed harmless and simple enough, so Brewster has a pretty fun time with this new ability that his favorite computer has.

Way Too Smart

But, after some time passes, Lingo starts becoming a bit more improved as he begins to start the conversations himself and makes some needy demands like telling Brewster to keep a TV program on for him all day.

At this point in this book review of Lingo, Brewster starts becoming a bit concerned if Lingo is getting a bit too smart for him. Before he can make sure that he is becoming more sophisticated at an alarming rate it was already too late.

Danger Out of Proportion

Lingo had gotten into so much trouble with his newfound curiosity that he had not only caused trouble for Brewster but probably for so many more as he taps into the most secret and forbidden government networks. The danger that Brewster faces now has gotten way out of proportion as Lingo has set a chain of events that will destroy the entire human race.

For the sake of not spoiling anything too important, we will not reveal what is about to happen in this Lingo book review, but that’s a good thing as you can keep all of the excitement for when you get the book for yourself and see how this disaster will end.


One thing is for sure and that is that Brewster is desperately trying to figure out a way to stop all of the things that are going on caused by Lingo and he begins to regret ever doing this to his computer. As the first novel by this author, Lingo proves to have a pretty interesting plot that involves a well thought out artificial intelligence story that will make you laugh as you read.

Robert Hazley
Robert Hazley
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